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Truly a super great guy. He came up to me at several events including events at the NJ Hi Railers and York and just started talking trains. What made him really special was not only did he tell you about his trains but he was genuinely interested in what you were doing with your trains. He made such an impression on me that I had to attend the wake for him. I miss him too.

Great pic Scott! Fine gentlemen all!

I met Owen right after I got back into the hobby after the birth of my son.  I don't remember how we met but I do remember discussing scenery building techniques.  Fast forward 8 months or so and I show up at Allentown and run into Owen and he tells me "I was hoping I'd run into you here - I have something for you".  He had burned a CD with step-by-step pictures on how to create some of the scenic items we had been discussing 8 months earlier.   He did it out of the blue for someone he met 8 months earlier and had not seen since.   That was the start of our friendship and he was the first new friend I met in the hobby.   I consider myself blessed for having him as a friend.


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A few days before Owen's unfortunate accident we were having a party at the club for METCA division of TCA 50th anniversary  I remember that everyone was concerned with the forecast of snow that night   It didnt stop everyone from attending   I found a few pics of OWen working the room as he always would do  Owen is the easiest to pick out with his trademark cap.



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Owen's favorite railroad was the Western Pacific. Spent many enjoyable train nights at Owen's layout. As a surprise, I added a reference to him on a new/2011 production RMT stock car.




Was supposed to be a surprise but he passed before it was released and I could show him. Had one flown in from factory then in time for his wake and it was on display there alongside his WP silver/orange F units.

96022-A Western Pacific 646022 Stock OWEN OGR

Miss ya Owen.



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  • 96022-A Western Pacific 646022 Stock OWEN OGR

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