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Paul Stackow, passed away after a short illness.  He was on the forum, mostly in the what have you done on your layout" page.  He was a member of the TCA for many years, a member of our Tuesday Night Train Crew  in the Cleveland Suburbs, and a charter member of the MOD Squad (our local Module group). 

Paul never had a negative word to say about anyone and would be quick to lend support or his knowledge to any of his train friends, of which I am fortunate to be called one.  He had a great sense of humor even if the joke was on him.  One quick story was the time he was so happy to mention to me that he got his York badge in the mail before mine.  So he was hosting our Tuesday Night group over at his house and we noticed his badges hanging up in the kitchen.  So I took his badge and then proceeded to send him pictures the rest of the week with his badge in various dangerous locations. (over a fire, about to be flushed, in a dogs mouth ect)  Paul had a great laugh at that although I have never seen someone so relieved the next Tuesday when we gave him his badge back unharmed. 

I will truly miss my friend and am better for knowing him the last 10+ years. 

(Paul is pictured in Blue)



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Paul was a long distance friend whom I have known for several years. I would sometimes meet him at York to give him some train related items I made for him. I also know several of his train buddies from the Cleveland area. I am truly sorry to hear of his passing. My condolences to his wife and family, and to his train buddies.

I certainly will miss Paul.  I got to know him here on the Forum, as we followed along each other's posts.  I met him at York and at several get-togethers that the Ohioans graciously invited this "Foreigner from Pennsylvania" join in.  I was on my way to an open house at Paul's home in February 2020, when I stopped at a rest stop 30 miles from Paul's.  I had a lot of trouble getting my car started, and decided to turn around and drive straight home in case I couldn't get it started again.  I texted Paul, and we said we would do it another time.  Well Covid hit and it didn't happen.  Two weeks ago, I went to the Great Lakes TCA meet specifically to see Paul's and Bryan's MOD Squad modules they had documented here as they were being built.  That is when Bryan told me Paul was ill, but they expected a recovery.  I missed seeing him and his modeling in person again.

We never know how long any of us has here on earth.  I've been retired two years and haven't gone to see any of the things I wanted to after retiring.  Well the virus and surgery got in the way.  For others (seniors especially), if there is something you want to see or do, do it while you can.  We just never know.

Thank you Bryan and OGR for this little Memorial for Paul.

So sorry to hear this news, when I first started here on the forum Paul would help me with any projects, I was having problems with. He also was a great laugh when the guesses would come out for the new Menards products. I know he will be truly missed by many as he had a big heart and would help anyone he could.

RIP Paul and bless your family for sharing you with the rest of us.

Some various pictures of Paul at train functions.  Plus the bridge that I dedicated to him for signing my TCA application many years ago.  I will have to add memorial to the bridge now.  His family was very touched by all of the stories I was able to relay from everyone at the family memorial dinner we had for Paul last weekend.  4251310896121511131420180925_21141320180925_195556


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Bryan, thanks for all the photos of Paul and your great group of guys! Some of the photos I never seen, but I do remember when the last photo about Use Back Door was posted! So funny at the time. I used to give Paul a bad time as I would pick out things in his photos that he would post but never thought about checking to see what was in them! What a great guy!

Bob, wonderful photos, Paul had more sidings than anyone I knew, but he always made them have a purpose and look so real and outstanding!

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