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Thanks for all the nice comments.  The station is still less than half complete. I will post more pictures as the progress continues, but no I will be on vacation for most of the summer.  There will be another IND style station which I will name "Drew Street".  This will be a single track station 96 inches long with possibly a curved end.

It's a really nice job. Remember there is no need for the inside third rail in the station if the roller on either the front motor and the rear and on a third rail and the cars are interconnected. It is also easy to equip the lead motor with an outside wire to contact an actual third rail (as in the prototype) while in the station, just as the 1950's third rail 0 gauge models were powered.

Originally Posted by ChooChooDennis:

Great job.

Only there is one problem.

The third rail should be on the side and not in the middle.


Is that correct?  Ben, Joe F can you respond.  The reason being that if it is so I will incorporate that when redesigning my layout in the very near future.

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Hello Joe P --


I DON'T KNOW, heh, what that guy is motive-implying. 


You have modeled as obviously well seen in your photos, the prototype track-side COVERED Subway style Third Rail - if only as a modeled dummy for appearances only.


We all know you are running 3 RAIL MTH Subway sets on O-Gauge standard 3 RAIL TRACK with its usual center 3rd rail -- which also shows up in the, your, photos..

SO either this guy is joking with you - and is just butsing them for you all in jest -- or he really hasn't noted the outside 3rd rail you have along your tracks.


Your reply and its wording, comments,  to his posting, is even more confusing - quoted


...."Is that correct?  Ben, Joe F can you respond.  The reason being that if it is so I will incorporate that when redesigning my layout in the very near future....."


- as you could have easily reply-answered him with the same information and commentary just the way I did  !!!


Anyway Joe, your modeling is superb and top shelf.  No need to worry about Choo Choo !


Regards - Joe F

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As a long time 3 rail fan, a life long New Yorker, a contributor of photographs to OGR, 

I was making a joke. I put the smiley face emocon  :-) to signify that I was.

I really enjoy Joe's work. It remands me how 5 days a week I ride the C line in 50 year old R-32's.


Joe P, keep up the good work. 


Dennis A. Livesey

New York, NY.

Chris E --


Joe "P" Porretto has quite a while ago already scratch-built some long lengths of authentic fully accurate and scale NYC  Elevated Structures for the "outside" or Elevated portion of his very realistic SUBWAY layout. Its possible the complete EL portion of his system is not yet all fully completed now.  He has other threads here featuring photos of same, and its construction


His NYC based  O-Scale EL structure, when totally finished, will look fully realistic and basically like my own NYC based fully scratchbuilt O-Scale EL structures - mine being also featured in other threads here by me.... 


Some photos BELOW of my own EL System .


Regards - Joe "F" Frank








Images (4)
  • IMG_1058_1: Brooklyn Rapid Transit  Deck Roof Trolley approaches under the EL
  • IMG_0602: Street scene along the EL wiuth IRT EL MUDC Local above
  • 174_174A-Dec.2008: IRT MUDC EL Local rounds curve on the El over TARS trolley
  • 164_164-Dec.2008: IRT EL MUDC Local rounds curve on EL above TARS Trolley
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Hello Joe " P " --


Thanks for the nice comments! The trackside details you did so excellently and realistically detailed in your SUBWAY tunnel walls, the lights and signals, and the subway stations...THAT is the same as the trackside "scenery" of "real estate" that would be along your ELEVATED structure !


You can use 1 1/2" to 2" deep side-wall building false fronts along one or both (as I did) sides of your EL with 3 inch (12 feet wide) sidewalks from building fronts to curbline.  Your basic module or "table top" width could be between 28 to 30 inches and handle it quite well. The Avenue / Roadway could be one parking lane and one lane outside the EL columns, and two roadway lanes between the columns (where any trolley tracks could go) and again, an outer roadway lane and adjacent parking lane.  Its the side of the EL real estate "scenery" that makes both the EL structure and layout come "alive".  Just like the details along the sides of your subway tracks in your tunnels !


Regards - Joe " F " ---

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