I did a search on the forum and found that someone stated that George Tebolt had them, Looked at the site under prewar accessories and the item were not listed. Does anyone know who sells replacements with the rivets?


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John H. Shetler posted:

Hi Ron,

How many and what type? If the green glass, may be able to help if just one or two.


Hi John, I have 4 poles and only one insulator with no pin. The on I have is white, I m sure the color does not matter and would need 5/6. Would you no a source other than Olsen? Thank you: Ron


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What about making them out of sewing/craft beads? (or pantograph insulators?)

I know there are white and clear green beads ;blue too. 

They come in many sizes.

(measure O.D.s & stack height etc. I might have a few hundred old ones hiding in a button box, white for sure & I think various sizes/colors too, maybe green. These were originally in a plastic parts drawer box(organizer...not so organized) with old train parts in some, so may be why they were there.

If not acceptable, I do wish you good luck hunting.

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I made some for my homemade Marklin station. I used the plastic end of a cheap pull string for a Leviton rough in light. I cut the string off, filled the hole on one side with epoxy glue, painted them white and then drilled them. The pull strings are very cheap, 49 cents each. I got them from FruitRidge Tools.


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