Hats off to Lionel customer service. Attempted to call, one ring, person knew what I needed and processed my order within 30 minutes after the call. Years ago, no one even bothered to answer the phone. Good job on the C.S. although the gears should have been metal.

Finally found the on going issue with my Lionel M7 power unit. The plastic gear cracked causing intermittent operation. You can buy a new complete power truck to fix it if needed for about 60 bucks to the door. I would not suggest pulling a 6 car set as this under designed unit will probably fail depending on it's usage.

So, it you can handle a soldering iron, shrink tubing and a screw driver, it will be an easy repair. It's now back in action for the Grandkids to run.













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FYI: The issue with plastic gears lies SOLELY with the quality of the plastic material used to fabricate them. I have LGB engines that are several decades old with "plastic" gearing that still operate like the day they left the factory. The LGB gears were fabricated from high grade polymers such as BASF Luran S, which were more akin to engineering grade plastics, and these worked well even when meshed with brass or bronze gears. The QUALITY of the polymer resin (plastic) determines the strength and durability of any gear! Of course, proper lubrication with a high quality gear grease such as LGB, is also a factor in gear longevity!

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Good info Art.

I bet the sets run time is well under 2 hours operating on a non-grade layout. Adding on the 2 add-on cars must have shortened the gear life. It's not a set that fits my layout time era but I liked the detail put into them. The Grand kids can have the set to mess with or I will ebay it.


Is that gear part of a 'drop in', meaning idler gear, shaft w/ nylon bearings and worm gear, idler gear 25 tooth measuring 11/16" diameter ?  If so I have replacement assemblies w/ metal idler gear available Part # 2328-78 for $8.00 + shipping. Listed on line at our site.  Harry 


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SIRT: I agree that the Lionel M7 set is nicely done, and glad they gave you such efficient service! PS: I have been a fan of the LIRR since about 1947, with G5 steam trips to Hicksville to visit my grandfather, and later electric commuter cars to college in Garden City, and trips to Penn Station via Sunnyside Yard! Loads of memories!

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Lionel did a great job on the carbodies but everything else is just a cheap toy.  Perhaps they or MTH will consider a M7 for those of us with higher expectations.  Considering the customer base of both LIRR and MNCR territories, plus the rest of us, you'd think that it would be worth another try.

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