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So I worked with Joe from Island Modelworks to get this 2200 shell produced. As a result, I have 10 of these shells and I'm pretty happy with the quality. Yes, it needs A LOT of prep work like sanding (windows knocked out) and paint but with the limited availability of CTA equipment, I'm ok with this. At $59.00 a shell, it can still get costly as you still need 3200 series donor cars, paint, window glazing, and decals.


I've committed my time to working on 4 of my shells (might just sell the other 6) and its taking more time than I would have imagined but I think in the end, it will look good lashed up to a pair of MTH 2600 cars (as it usually is set up on the CTA blue line).


I'm definitely down for a set of shells of the 2000 series if any of you CTA guys are interested in getting a new order in with Island Modelworks? I think he requires a 15-20 shell committment?





Hmmm....maybe just maybe I may have to pick up a set of the 2200's. The finishing doesn't look too hard ... but getting a good stainless steel look with paint can be difficult. If you have any pictures, can you please share?


2000's would be great ...






And, since I doubt MTH will ever do it, maybe a 4000?


CTA Fan 

Ok test shell of the cta 2200 started out good, but met its fate when it came into contact with hot water. First photo is a test, shell was quickly sanded, painted, windows added and signs. Shell was not primed so once it came into contact with hot water (accident) the paint came off. Not a problem, but once it dried it took a shape of its own (second photo). I have some more shells on order should have them in about 3 weeks. Once im done playing with this shell I will paint it again and use it as a camera car. The hardest part is putting in windows. Need to find some glue that drys fast but doesn't leave a white stain on the windows like crazy glue does.



     I also would prefer a 2000 series. I saw your blog, the two he has on your layout are very expensive. The cheapest I've seen is 799.99 for used. I want them in a different color. The manufacturer that make this have a limited stock and I think cost about 1,000.00 for 2 non powered cars. I wonder if them even run on my track system or if there is a way to convert them to work.




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CTA Howard AllStop:


You are very correct. Those 2000's are St Petersburg models and obnoxiously spendy. Chicagoland Hobby has a set on Ebay for $700 I think. Also, they are more to scale than the MTH cars so they are smaller than the MTH stuff. You can see in the below photo how the platform height for the MTH cars is way higher when compared to the St Petersburg O scale:



I think when new they weren't that much ($700). But, with the difference in scale to the MTH's, I don't think a 3 rail conversion would work out too well. But, dang, very nicely detailed. Ed runs a two rail layout and this model is powered and extremely well detailed.

Also - what a @#$#@$ shame about your 2200's! That stinks. I have worked on a set of HO 2800's from IMW and also accidentally wrecked them when trying to remove a sub-standard paint job so I can feel your pain.


So - do you have to re-use the windows from the donor 3200? That sounds like a pain in the neck. Maybe try canopy glue next time - that dries clear.


So - maybe we can get enough interest in getting IMW to make some MTH compatible 2000's. The only issue is the limited number of 3200's available for donors!


CTA Fan 

Hey guys, here are some initial pics w/o paint. I have 4 of the shells painted and I am not entirely satisfied with how the aluminum color came out (a little too dull).  I will try to get more shots and post tomorrow.



CTA Fan- If you do decide to dive into one of these 2200 series models, shoot me an email as I have 6 more shells that haven't been touched yet. AND, If there is enough interest in getting a 2000 series model shell produced, I would definitely be interested in joining in.


19ADAM99- shoot me an email re: 2200 shells


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Second shell came out alittle better than the first shell. Should been ready for windows tomorrow.

Cta Fan

  I did not use the windows from the 3200 shell, I had to make my own. I will try using canopy glue this time. I too wish MTH or IMW would make some 2000's series. I see in the pic that the 2000's are to low for the platform. These 2200 shells are alittle wider than the 3200 shells and are rubbing up against my platforms.


  The shells look good in aluminum to me




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Jerry -


I'd be intersted in 2 2000's. Money is always tight, so not too sure about the 2200's. Although, just since there isn't much available, might just need to get a set just for the heck of it. They were never really my favorite as I rode mosty the Howard/Red line and they were mostly on the O'hare branch. There were always 2000's on the Howard.


CTA Howard/All Stop - were you on the ill-fated private charter/derailment? Nice picture of the aftermath. Another question ... how much wider are the shells than the standard 3200? You mention clearance issues with your platforms. That could be a problem for me.


Mike - thanks for the link! I will need to save that page as a PDF for future reference. That is a great way to simulate stainlss steel!






Cta Fan

  In the three pics you can see the 2200 shells are just alittle wider than the 3200's. It all depends on how much space is between your train and platfrom. The 2200's are alittle thicker and rubs against one of my station platforms.

  I was not on the charter train that derailed, but I was in Chicago when it happened and stuck at the roosevelt station. Had to transfer to the redline in the subway to get around the derailment.



  Thanks for the link, I will keep this in mine when I start the next set of shells. Money is tight and I still have to buy the airbrushing tools.



  I'm in for two 2000 series shells, but I have to pay down some debt. When I do then I can get four shells. I would need to see how they look first, and keep cost in mine because of all the MTH trucks I would need.




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Thanks for the pictures. The width difference isn't too dramatic, I thought it was a lot worse. For me, I guess I could squeeze the track spacing in if I had to.


Same here - $$$ always a squeeze.  Plus, donor sets are rare and pricey.


I "think" NWSL makes a 3 rail power truck for I think $100. Plus, would then need to fabricate a floor and get the other three trailing trucks. So cost wise, still almost a break even with getting a donor set of 3200's. There hasn't been much available on Ebay lately, but lots of NYC stuff.








This is the second 2200 series shell. Came out ok using one coat primer paint and two coats chrome spray paint. I will not use spray paint on the next set of shells, they will be air brush painted at the end of the year. This was my first time doing this, It came out ok but I don't like the paint as it keeps rubbing off on my hands as I touch it. The windows took the longest and are a pain to put in. Using plastic the side windows and doors are easy, but the front, rear, and the look out windows are hard to get your fingers inside to hold in place. Lighting was easy just transfering the mth 6200 lighting system into the 2200 shell. Drilled holes in the front for the head, tail, and blue line marker lights using led lights. Also note this shell is not sitting on a 3200 truck it is on a 6200 truck. Both trucks fit about the same 3200 or 2600 fit better but it looks better on the 6200 series truck due to the way the seats are made.


More pic found here.


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Wow ... great job, they look fantastic! Very nicely done.


Also, great pictures on Flickr ... also very nice.


This just might push me over the financial edge and have to get a set.


One question ... and apologies if I asked it before ... does to IMW set come with windows or do you use the windows from the donor car?




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