Has anyone had issues with the circuit board burning up on the CP Holiday Train lighted boxcars?  Last year at this time I purchased the MTH Premier CP Holiday Train which includes: AC4400cw Diesel Engine w/Proto-Sound 3.0 (Hi-Rail Wheels) - 20-20800-1 & the 4-Car 50' Dbl. Door Plugged Boxcar Set - Canadian Pacific - 20-92133.  I had them in storage (still in original boxes - never open) and did not open them up until about 3 weeks ago when I finished the basic bench work of my new layout.  I decided to stop work for Christmas and put up a simple oval on the bench work to run some trains over the holiday.  When I placed the engine on the track with the 4 cars,  one of the lighted boxcars shorted (multicolored led lights went out) and I immediately began to smell burning wires coming from th inside of the car.  I removed the car, reset the transformer and very timidly applied power to the track.  The 3 remaining box cars lit up perfectly and using the DCS App on my phone I started the engine and it to worked perfectly with multicolored led lights working.   Called MTH the next day in regards to the the malfunctioning box car, received a work order number and sent it on it’s way to MTH.  I have already received a tracking number from fed-ex in regards to MTH repairing the box car and shipping It back to me in a very timely fashion.  Very happy with their customer service department. Since shipping the car to MTH I have been running the rest of the train with no issues. Plus I also have the 70' Madison Observation Car - Canadian Pacific (Holiday Train)  Observation - Killarney 20-61055 running at the rear of the train with no issues. 

Just today I picked up the 50' Boxcar With Opening Stage Door and Operating LEDs - Canadian Pacific (Holiday Train) - 20-93751 from my local hobby store as well as the Railking Christmas Flat Car w/Lighted Christmas Trees 30-76734.  When I arrived home I added the 2 new cars to the holiday train.  When I supplied power to the train every thing worked fine including the multicolored led lights on two new cars.  I began running the train and after 9-10 times around the oval the multicolored led lights on the new boxcar with the stage flickered and the tranfomer fuse kicked.  Immediately smoke began billowing out of the new box car.  I removed the car from the track and tested the remainder of the train to see if it still ran.  Everything worked fine.  I’m not sure if it’s the boxcars or an issue with my set up.  I am providing power to the single track using a MTH Z-1000 though the fixed channel 1 on the TIU.  I’m concerned about doing further damage to the set.  Sorry for being so long winded.

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It wouldn't be hard for me to believe that the fragile LED wires shorted and burnt out the regulator.  One of my  box cars had a broken wire as the LED wires exited between the shell and chassis.  Could just as easily have been shorted wires.  Was a PITA to fix due to short wire leads to work with.


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Anyone have a source for JUST the LED (string) lights...or something similar?

Good luck, I think MTH has these custom made. I looked for and found some that are similar but the spacing between the LEDs was much greater than what MTH used.


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