IT's TEAM TRACK TUESDAY!  Share your railroad's team track photos here!  Team tracks are a vital part of day to day real life railroad operations.  Practically all kinds of freight cars can be on/off loaded on team tracks.  Team tracks can also be used for some passenger equipment and MOW equipment too.

 This week on the Free State Junction Railway's team track number one in Lower Patsburg, a WM scale test car has been spotted by the engineering division.  The scales in Patsburg yard are due for their regular test/check.  A yard switcher will soon come to pull this scale test car to the scale tracks at Patsburg yard. 

Post your railroad's team track photos.  Have a wonderfully creative and fun week!  See ya next week on the TEAM TRACK!



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                                            take your bike for a ride...

                                                   on AMTRAK...

                                               an AMTRAK teamtrack...


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My son was inspired by a picture in last week's TTT from briansilvermustang. He has been working on this all weekend.

briansilvermustang posted:

Meanwhile, over in Plasticville...

Little abbrail:
Last week, the Euclid Brothers bought a new airplane. They want to fly it around the big city to advertise their new trolley line to Plasticville and their Euclid Carousel. The airplane is being delivered to the team track today.



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There are two ongoing problems at the Everett Team Track & Community Park - stray dogs and hobos. Neither is all that bad on its own, but together their effects can quickly multiply. This was the case as the morning mail train was unloaded on track 1. Distracted by a stray pup, Mr. Parcel allowed his attention to wander from the security of his mail truck. 


Moments later,  a hobo noticed Mr. Parcel's keys were still in the ignition... 




Happy Team Track Tuesday!


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Great stuff guys and gals.

Still no time to post any new photos but just wanted to stop by and say Hi. This was from before Christmas but serves  double duty for the Spring Nursery deliveries.


2017-11-27 20.39.05-2

2017-11-27 20.55.06


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   ready for some Spring Nursery deliveries...

                                Spring alone would be nice, tired of the wet, cold...

                                            very cool shot Bob


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Just a few hours ago, Everett Police nabbed the Joyriding Hobos!

". . . here at the Team Track & Community Park, we've seen police work at its finest.  These hobos may have had a few hours of fun, but they were no match for the dedication and training of our officers. I stand here tonight to reassure the residence of the entire Cuyahoga Valley that no hobo will ever try something like this again on my watch." - Chief Milford



Moments later,  a hobo noticed Chief Milford's keys were still in the ignition... 



Great pictures everyone!
Thank you, Patrick, for inspiring another week of creativity!


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Great photos and stories everyone!   Thanks for another fine edition of TTT!!  See ya all next week on the TEAM TRACK!  I hope to have some photos of York purchases for next week's edition.  Have a wonderfully creative week!!!

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