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Hello all, a few months ago I made a post in this forum to request track plans for a layout expansion. There were some really great ideas thrown at me in that thread but the layout created by FRIDGE56VET stood out as the plan I wanted to go with. It ticks all my boxes for what I'm looking for in a Hi-Rail layout and I'm currently in the process of assembling the layout, which looks like this:Jedderbob Lines Plan

As you can see there is an area where the two outer loops must cross over themselves and a yard lead. I have assembled the layout up to the point where I can no longer lay track as I have not yet implemented the grade.


This is where the tracks should cross over. As FRIDGE56VET suggested in his initial offering of the track plan the highest point of the elevation should be 8 inches high with a 4% grade, I like this idea that way just about anything I could want to run will be clear to pass under. 

Attached at the bottom will be more pictures of the layout as it stands right now. Long story short I would really like some help in figuring out how to make this overpass happen. If anyone knows how to calculate grade and the rise/run distance I'll need that would be great. In essence I have never dealt with elevation changes before and am gonna need all the help I can get trying to figure this out.

I don't have any of my own powerful woodworking equipment so a plan I could take to Lowe's would be ideal, also be mindful of the fact that the grade will most likely need to begin and end on curved sections of track.

Thanks everyone for reading and any help you might be able to give.

PS: My benchwork is a series of 8x8 3/4inch plywood sheets drilled into wooden planks for bracing and then laid on top of a sea of sawhorses.

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Hey, just saw this thread after replying to your e-mail, where I mention the foam option in addition to wood risers.  .  Given the constraints of the short part of the "T" of your layout, 4% grade was the best I could do at 8" high.  To get shallower you'd need to either eliminate or move the turnout for the spur within that loop or sacrifice some height on the overpass.  As 4% is the absolute MAXIMUM grade you'd want to run scale equipment at (the lower the better), you may want to test run your longer and/or favorite trains up such a grade before setting this in stone.   

I've tinkered with my design a little bit and moved the turnout up the line a bit closer to the crossover.  This takes the grade of the inner loop down to 3.1%, and IIRC 2.7% for the outer loop, which is much more favorable.  As a bonus, it also gives you more siding to work with.  I've attached my updated files below, and would love to know what you, and others, think. 

NOTE:  I whipped this together quick on a whim over lunch & briefly after work.  Please let me know if I blew something obvious or made other glaring mistakes, etc.  Thanks.

- Neal

Jedderbob Layout T-2 - 01Jedderbob Layout T-2 - 02Jedderbob Layout T-2 - 03Jedderbob Layout T-2


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