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IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the Covid-19 situation, a national bottle shortage has occurred since March, and all of our suppliers are out of stock indefinitely... and we have had to adapt and temporarily change our bottles.  Slightly shorter bottle, but same amount of fluid and a slightly smaller eye dropper.  We have had to adjust and were faced with the problem of adapting with these substitutions or not continuing our business.
(Speculators have purchased all available bottles for hand sanitizer products.)
Thanks for your understanding and support.  Everyone stay safe and well!
Jeb Kriigel
JT's Mega-Steam
Special thanks to the forum moderators for allowing this public service announcement.
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Guys....Jeb is making an announcement here because he cares about his customers and wants them to know what is going on with his product.  We DO NOT want comments about the virus and hoarding, etc.  I deleted a couple of those so please do not post that kind of discussion here.  Better yet, just help Jeb out and make a purchase....we all would appreciate that!

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