William,  That is a nice track plan, it will keep your interest.  You may consider painting the surface of the table before you take too many more steps.  The color doesn't matter, but you don't want to place accessories and buildings on your layout and have a little bit of wood showing.  Respectfully, John in Lansing, ILL

Thank you so much for the kind words from everyone.  I know it is hard to tell from my video, but the top is 2 inch foam painted brown.  I found it easier to work with, and a lot lighter than wood to bring home and carry down to the basement.

It'll do until something better comes along.  If it ever does! 




2 Rails?  3 Rails?  Doesn't matter, I can't count that high in either case.

I love the smell of fresh-brewed creosote first thing in the morning.

If the government knew how much fun O-gauge railroading was, they'd outlaw it!

Common sense is my second best trait.  Nonsense is my first, of course. 

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