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I have been studying these early Beeps online.  I guess the most famous one is the Williams U.S. Army engine.   

I know that these are weak pullers, with only one motor, but I wonder what type of motor it is.  I understand that these were made up until about 1982.

I saw a picture of the insides of a much earlier one by Kusan, and the motor looked like a small open frame wound motor, but not a Pullmore.  I couldn't tell how many rollers it had.

Anybody have one of these?  How do they run?  (Like a one-motor Post War with one roller, or differently?)



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I have the Kusan battery powered Beep.  TBH I have never run it as it came as an unwanted auction lot with a loop of plastic track, about 6 boxcars with printing on one side, two FAs that are all plastic and non-powered, and the Beep.  It does not have side frames for the wheels.  I got the whole lot for $10 so nothing lost on my part, but you have given me the inspiration to dig it out of storage and take a closer look.  I have some standard gauge from Christmas that still needs to make its trip back to storage soon.  I'll be sure to grab it.

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