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Well, I use Super-O so the issues are a bit different, but maybe this will give you some ideas:

Raw Super-O switches look like this:

I start by cutting "stencils" that fit the parts of switch that I want to show, and hide the rest:

I then simply continue my ground cover seamlessly over the stencils:

You can also bury the entire switch motor in pink foam.

Similarly, I often hide the huge bakelite bases of early accessories (as well as other unrealistic bases) in foam under ground cover:


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I only mention this because I used to cover my switches except for one that was a real problem.  I wish I could find the pictures of my old (when I was a teenager in the 60's) layout, so I could show you something else I did.
Remove the bottom plate & you can take the switch motor/light assembly off & turn it 180 degres so that the motor assembly is to the straight side of the switch.  If you have any low clearance rolling stock or locos, moving this to the outside of the switch solves the problem without modifications to anything.
These days I use all Gargraves & Ross switches with Gargraves track.    Dennis

I guess I'm a Contrarian because I love the look of 022 switches eventhough they have a toy-like, non-realistic appearance. 20180505_201038

Since they are big, I sometimes put big little people near them.20200322_071926

You can landscape near it with your favorite scenery.

The large bright lantern and the control box (where you throw the remote 022) have easy to see red and green lights that you can set up so you know how the switch is set from far away. On my layout, green means the train will take the straight track, and red means the train will take the curved track, as it goes through the switch. Arnold


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