Yes,I am looking forward to going. Only about 5 miles from my place. I went to the last one in the Chicago area,it was probably 10 years ago. 

Its a quick trip for me as well at 10 miles. First time for me at one of these so I’m looking forward to it and a couple of the tours. 

Me. Not staying at hotel. Registered for a couple of tours and the welcome reception. Unfortunately, I can't dedicate the entire week to trains. I'm glad they are here, however. Paraphrasing Duke Ellington, "I don't get around much anymore."  

8C2877E5-F7A6-43AE-A542-7D1410E5EE43D26497D3-AAC8-40AF-BF20-AA297982C99E406CB67B-BF97-45FD-84E8-5729A75FEC4425FC87C8-A7DF-48A5-8493-645EE0F2BBD971CD71EE-6CAC-47AC-A382-0DA465747646All I can say at this point is WOW!!! First LCCA convention and I am impressed. They really went all out to make sure the kids had amazing experiences today at the Illinois Railway Museum. A ride in the cab of the Burlington Zephyr!! Unbelievably awesome!! 

Here are some photos of the action. 



Images (4)

Yes sir, I am attending the LCCA Convention for the first time in over 38 years, which sounds like a long time... which was in the early 1980’s....My good friend Charles Lentz and I will be attending the show and hopefully will get to see some home layouts.  I hope there will be many members there....The LCCA just gave me my original number back, 1460...Happy Railroading....Come join the fun....

Can anyone confirm if the LCCA meet starts Friday night after the Lionel seminar, or only Saturday? Is there something after the Lionel seminar? I just noticed on back of my badge there’s something called a first timers reception tonight. What was the clinic last night? 

Did not see on the website, but can anyone respond to the cost of the event if just attending Friday/Saturday?

I assume you will need to be or sign up as LCCA member, so just looking for the show fee on those two day.



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