Zip! Zap! Gotta move fast around here to capture "Behind the Scenes" shots at TrianWorx! Check out the video I just made featuring the LCCA's new mini O Gauge layout - designed by Roger Farkash and fabricated in the USA by the talented T W TrainWorx Traingineers... Enjoy!

The layout was just put on a truck and is on its way to meet the fine folks with LCCA in Salt Lake City for this weekend train show. The layout even has a top to go over that is cool! I didn't get a shot of that though...

Happy Tracks!

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Originally posted by macdaddy:
Outstanding! Truly o gauge railroading in a small space. How large is the footprint?

The LCCA Mini O Gauge layout pictured below and in the video takes up just under a 13 sq. ft. footprint.

Here's some pictures... Enjoy!

Dorcie, This layout looks great. The Traingineers at TW Design did it again! Every layout you design and build, no matter how big or small is excellent and demonstrates high quality craftsmanship and design. They are so talented. The photos make it look better than the plans I saw previously. Your execution of the plan exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to see it in person. This layout will be operational at the LCCA both during the upcoming World's Greatest Hobby on Tour (WGHOT) train shows in Salt Lake City, Portland and Cincinatti. This demonstrates what can be done with o-gauge trains in a very small space. Very well done! Thank you. Al K.
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