Leighton coal yard testing ...

Weighting front cars....most are like late 50s and 60s..there HEAVY..but had to ballast them with nuts washer and bolts...so they dont derail..the red coal and the 2 hoppers are lite mid 70s-early 80s so there ok..the caboose is heavy too...coal station needs 3/4 inch raised..and i have to swap position of 2 coupler track amd move them...i have a milk car and a wood car...need to change where they are..and one extra coupler track to left of station for bottom hoppers...hope to do some work over the weekend...THEN i can retest all 6 switches then i can finalize the wireing and controls permanently😀👍🚂🚞🚊🚆🚉a short video of dedicated coal😜VGR DEDICATED COAL

Shane Leighton Mcnear


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