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Those of us who use Atlas O products have likely worked with Len Deichman in York, PA.  He and his wife Ann have run Deichman's Depot for over 20 years.  He also dealt with MTH and Lionel, and was a fixture at the York shows in the Orange Hall.  In recent years, it was always a pleasure to visit him.  Most purchases I made from his came with a long chat in the warehouse about trains, life or whatever else was on his mind.  Most of the track on the 300 Loft system came from him.

Len has had cancer for a number of years, but it has become very aggressive in recent weeks, and he is now doing very poorly.  He was admitted to hospice this past Sunday (5/13) and I visited him this morning (5/15).  He has a couple of days at the most, perhaps only hours.  He can do little more then breathe, open his eyes and move an arm here and there.  Pain management and comfort is now the priority.

Given the amount of business he typically does in a year, there are likely members on the forum who are waiting for information or orders to be filled.  It will likely be several days, if not weeks, until the business begins to function somewhat normally again.  Ann is pretty spry, but is on a cane herself, and I am not sure who all will be involved with the business after Len passes.  She does not need people hollering at her that an order is late.  I can assure you that placed orders will be filled, and she will return emails as she can.  It is easy to see that she is worn out from all this, as the downturn in Len's health has been fairly rapid.  In addition, she essentially did the York show by herself, (they are stubborn folk, as many railroad people are. )  Most of all, I believe they were married over 40 years at least.  Ann's life is radically changing, and she will obviously need time to process all of this.

After consulting with Alan, I felt it would be appropriate to let the group know what is going on.  Len's son and daughter are in town helping Ann with various arrangements, and some other locals helping with home and business affairs.  At this point they need patience from customers, and prayer for the major changes they both are facing.  Thank you.

Nate Murry

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God Bless and keep Len and his family.  It has been a long time, but I remember him with fondness.  He visited our local train club a number of times many years ago and was supportive of our efforts to build it up.

No toy, however expensive, is more important than this struggle.  I pray not only for the family but also that all their customers will understand and support them.

Frisco, MoPac, and T&P near Rolla, MO

Having visited Len's shop for Atlas cars I will say he is one honorable gentleman, and his wife one gracious lady.   And he mentioned his illness that he was battling and that his strength and guidance is from one above.  

May the LORD continue to keep he and his family in HIS care. 

Rob M. ARHS # 3846 PRRT&HS # 8141 EPTC "Life Is Like A Mountain Railway, With An Engineer That's Brave..."

Thanks for the update Nate.

I was fortunate enough to know Len for a few years and was always a pleasure to visit while picking up my order. We discussed many issues and I would always feel better when I left.

I was able to visit last Friday and as always, Len was his usual joking self. We talked about an array of items and he was in good spirits and was surrounded by family and friends.

God Bless you Len. I'll miss you dearly.

Great guy and a fixture at the York Show for many years. I bought a number of Atlas freight cars from Len over the years as well as some Ink Well Road Champs Railroad Series pick-up trucks . I knew had been fighting the good fight against an incurable form of cancer for a number of years. When I saw him last at the October '17 York Show, he looked very weak. When I noticed Len was not at the April York Show a few weeks ago, I feared the worst. and when I spoke to a member of his staff, it was clear that the end was near. Very sad.   

It truly broke my heart to watch Len's declining health during the past few years. My recent visits with he and Ann at their home were joyful yet filled with the aura of impending doom. We set up beside each other for many shows at York. His wonderful humor, friendship and kindness will be sorely missed. Ann & family....you have my prayers and warmest regards.  Jim 

Norm posted:

I got an email from Ann early today that "Len is home in Glory this morning."

Len will be missed.


While I grieve with Ann and his family, I am glad for his sake that his journey is complete.  God speed, my friend, I am glad to have known you.

When I am aware of his memorial arrangements, I will post them here.  I would appreciate if anyone closer to the family could do the same.

Nate Murry

TCA# 18-73324

This from Ann:

"Dear folks:  Just wanted to let you know that Len went home to Glory today at 5:30 am.  His suffering is over!  Viewing is Mon May 21, 6-8 pm and again 9-10:30 am May 22 with Service at 10:30 am.  Viewings and Service at Calvary Bible Church, 125 Calvary Church Road - Wrightsville, PA  17368  Ann Deichman"

Nate Murry

TCA# 18-73324

machinist posted:
clem k posted:

This is sad news, I liked doing business with them. The Deichman family will be in my prayers.



Agree Nick. I only know him from some Atlas purchases, he was always an upstanding gentleman.

Life is like a mountain railway,
With an engineer that’s brave;
We must make the run successful,
From the cradle to the grave;
Watch the curves, the fills, the tunnels;
Never falter, never fail;
Keep your hands upon the throttle,
And your eyes upon the rail.

Blessed Savior, Thou wilt guide us,
Till we reach that blissful shore,
When the angels wait to join us
In Thy praise forevermore.

You will roll up grades of trial;
You will cross the bridge of strife;
See that Christ is your conductor
On this lightning train of life;
Always mindful of obstruction,
Do your duty, never fail;
Keep your hands upon the throttle,
And your eyes upon the rail.

          Blessed Savior, Thou wilt guide us...

You will often find obstructions,
Look for storms and wind and rain;
On a fill, or curve, or trestle
They will almost ditch your train;
Put your trust alone in Jesus,
Never falter, never fail;
Keep your hands upon the throttle,
And your eyes upon rail.

          Blessed Savior, Thou wilt guide us...

As you roll across the trestle,
Spanning Jordan’s swelling tide,
You behold the Union Depot
Into which your train will glide;
There you’ll meet the Sup’rintendent,
God, the Father, God the Son,
With the hearty, joyous plaudit,
“Weary Pilgrim, welcome home.”

          Blessed Savior, Thou wilt guide us...


The origin of this song is murky. Eliza R. Snow may have written the original lyrics, with M. E. Abbey (a Baptist minister in Georgia in the 1890s) supplying the chorus. There is a similar poem/hymn by Snow, called “Truth Reflects upon Our Senses,” which Tillman put to this same tune in 1909.

Rob M. ARHS # 3846 PRRT&HS # 8141 EPTC "Life Is Like A Mountain Railway, With An Engineer That's Brave..."

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