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All very cool!

Nothing so grand as many of those in this thread, and it's been posted several times before, but there is a recent addition - on the floor -


- Mike

All very cool but this, that’s neat the curved glass shelves for the entire train! NICE 👍 💪

I am a little shy with my collection; rather not post publicly. I do set up some passenger equipment up in the TV room along the ceiling 😁 . Right now my PRB and Key 14 car 1940 Daylight is on display. Wife allows it …fir now 🙄😂



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Well this is a great thread, the pictures of all your collections are super.  Mine are more modest and are in two parts.  I have a glass front storage case in my office/den for mostly early and pre-war trains + plus a modest collection of clockwork boats (mostly Suitcliff).  Then I have train room shelves for much of the rest, but even so a fair amount is packed away in plastic containers...(really of no use to anyone but I do  not have the room to display it all)

This is the glass front cabinet downstairs.  My wife found this cabinet (no insides) at an antique fair when we lived in Boston for one year.  We refinished it and put in glass shelves.

Train Cabinet

Upstairs in the train room, I have sort of surrounded the layout with shelving.  This plain, white pine painted shelving came out of a drug store that was closing in Dayton, Oh...his business was in the basement of the office bldg where my wife worked as a nurse for a pediatric group.  She found out he was leaving and asked about the shelving (it was perfect for trains as it was narrow, designed for small boxes and bottles).   She negotiated a very small price, given we agreed to remove it from the space before a certain date (which we were going to do anyway)...So it became my train display shelving.  We have had it now for over 30 years.

Layout Overview

Here is a better view of the main (longest) wall display.

Train Room Shelving white shelves

Last year I wanted to display some sets I have acquired and used Snyder shelving on the remaining open wall.

Train Room Shelving Snyder shelves

Best wishes and Happy railroading



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  • Train Cabinet
  • Layout Overview
  • Train Room Shelving white shelves
  • Train Room Shelving Snyder shelves

"I like that. Homemade or kit?"

Bought it from a vendor in the Orange hall twenty years ago. He has since retired. He was a former shop teacher with a full woodworking shop in his basement. It had to be custom ordered, so I returned to the area to pick it up two months later. Its 6' wide and 3' high with glass doors. Being limited by available space, this was all I could put up in a shared room. Everything else is stored in boxes that are in Iris tubs (as usual). These sets are my "cream of the crop".

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