I hope this is the right forum. I  am looking for replacement bulbs for my MTH 20-91011 Chicago-Northwestern Extended Vision Caboose. The manual doesn't give a part #, it just says call MTH, but I'd like to try and get them locally. There are no numbers on the bulbs. I just want to make sure whatever I buy can handle 18V.

Thanks, Don

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LOL.  The MTH line drawing does not do the bulb justice! 

If that is indeed a standard and commonly available 9mm bayonet base (aka BA9S), then it should be fairly easy to find a suitable replacement - including adjustment for your higher command-control track voltage.


Just google "BA9S bulb" and you'll find a boat load of choices...including some using LED technology though in this case you need to be sure they can handle AC input.

As for incandescent "technology" here's a BA9S bulb (it even uses the same 1445 designation as the MTH chart) that says 18V and even calls it a "Lionel" bulb so probably something to that! 

The globe itself seems a bit smaller (7/16" or ~11mm vs. your measured ~15mm) than what you have though...

BA9s clear




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Stan, I got on line and ebay had the CG-0000001's for $1.39. I probably overpaid a little but they were definitely 18V and had the correct size bulb so I bought them. I later found some LED replacement bulbs but they were $5.79 a piece. Way too expensive.

Thanks, Don

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