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I have a 5-light string of "Christmas" style lights intended to be used in a Christmas Village.  I want to use them for a different purpose but the lights are brighter than I would like.  Is there something I can plug into a wall outlet that accepts a plug from this light string that acts like a light switch dimmer???

I'm not looking to construct a device and I'm not particularly up to speed on electrical rules and such, so  simple device is what I am looking for.

as always, thanks - walt

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Thank you Marty and NelsonW.  THe image that NelsonW showed is like what I have - the are incandescent 5V clear bulbs.  And the link that you provided to the device is the same that Marty showed.

Thanks Marty for telling me exactly where to look for the image that you posted, besides Amazon.  The image doesn't show it but I image it has an "outlet" to accept a plug in device.  I'll go there today.

Rattler21: I thought about that option.  Buy a dimmer, buy an outlet plug device.  But I think it's more complicated than that.  Since I don't want to install the dimmer into the wall, I want it only for my Christmas layout, I was thinking I would have to get a cheap extension cord, cut the wire on the plug side a foot or so long, wire those 2 wires to the dimmer, then wire the dimmer and the outlet plug together, and then plug in the 5-light set to that.  That's why I came here and asked if there is a device off-the-shelf that I could use.  Thanks for the suggestion though.

As always, thanks - walt


The dimmer plug shown, gets plugged into the wall.  The lights get plugged in to that dimmer plug from the other side.  The controller controls that "dimmer plug" to the lights.  Hope it works as advertised.

Here is the manual.

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