I was just posting a quick question to see if anyone's heard differently on the release of the LionChief Blue Comet set, if it's definitely being released or not?

This is one of the sets I really want to get, as it will continue the Blue Comet collection my dad started and I'm continuing.

Any info is appreciated.  Thank you!

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You might want to consider looking at the Lionel LionChief + Blue Comet engine with some Williams Jersey Central passenger cars.

Train world has the engine on sale;


as well as matching Williams Passenger cars 4;


They have the fathers day sale on as well with free ground shipping in the Continental US right now with the code FD19.

I picked up this combination from them a while back. They also have videos on the website showing the engine and passenger cars.

I had been eyeing this engine for some time from the original time it was shown in the Lionel Catalog it looked pretty sharp in the blue with gold trim. I really liked the Blue in the catalog photos was a bit disappointed with the color when it arrived that it did not look at nice as the catalog images. But I still love the set overall the colors still look great. The passenger cars match the dark blue on the roof of the engine and side # boards. It is a great looking set one of the better color schemes in trains and the LionChief App on the phone is fun to run the train. Good smoke output, nice sounds very nice slow chuffing sounds.  Here are some quick photos sorry could not get more in focus.blue1blue2blue3blue4blue5blue6



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That doesn't look like much of a match between the engine and cars. If it's good with you, though, that's all that matters. Note that these Williams cars require O-42 minimum curves, which may be a problem for some LionChief operators, given that the engine can run on O-31 curves.

The Lionel engine is done in a 2 tone blue paint, the main blue on the Engine is a light blue as shown in the photos but the Cab Roof, Number board on the side of the cab and trucks are all a dark blue that is fairly close to that of the dark blue on the passenger cars.  I think if you look at the engine on the Williams passenger cars video at Trainworld at the link I gave it shows an all dark blue engine which was a Williams Engine these have been out of production for some time but matches the Williams Passenger cars better overall. 

I just like the Lionel engine as the LionChief + features and control system are fun to use and the Williams passenger cars are very nicely done, roll freely. I like the other threads on the Blue Comet and colors correct sets etc. But this combination makes a for good price on a complete train set that runs well and looks good. 

I think I might take to run on a garden railway this week will show some photos from the top and outside if I can.

Trainman2 posted:

It was disappointing to say the least. The car doesn't have the conductor figure like it shows in the catalog, and there are no station announcements.

The catalog seems to indicate the Announcement Car is in with the set and the extra coach is just that.

Of course, Lionel moves in mysterious ways.


johnstrains posted:

No announcements?! So what makes it an Announcement Car? That does sound disappointing.

I thought about preordering this one but decided to pass.


I was wondering why the price seemed so low for any kind of sounds in it. Yet again I’m glad I’ll never preorder from Lionel.

KOOLjock1 posted:

The Announcement Car with the Conductor figure is in the set.  There is a separate sale coach.  It's pretty clear in the catalog copy.


It seems pretty clear in the catalog and on line that the separate sale car is called “announcement coach”, and is shown with a figure.



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Thanks. In all likelihood, I am going to get it. I am mostly Lionchief, have been very happy with the product line, and this would be my first steam engine as I have all diesels so far. I guess I am just waiting for an unboxing video or something to entice. And if this was the Polar Express set, there would be more videos than I could shake a stick at! 

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