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I purchased a Norfolk and Southern Lionchief teir 4 set and when I run it on my existing carpet layout, which is probably around 20+ ft, I experience the engine unit hesitating like a loss of power. The lights still work but the connection drops and searches for a bluetooth connection. I put together the track that came with the set and doesn't seem to miss a beat. I'm used to conventional transformers and older engine models so this is all pretty much new to me. With a conventional transformer and engine I experience a drop on my outer loops of the larger layout. They pretty much slower down dramatically. I've cleaned the track so I don't think I should start there. What should I do to correct this problem?

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If you haven't already done so, running additional power connections to the section where you are experiencing the loss of power should help.  Every piece of track you add to your layout adds a voltage drop.  If any track pin connections are loose, that cumulative voltage drop can be enough to experience a loss of power to the Locomotive.  Setting- up on carpet can exacerbate this issue where these connections flex as the locomotive travels over them.  Most experienced model railroaders recommend adding power connections to the track about every 10 feet or 10 sections of track.

It's better if the additional power drop comes directly from the transformer. Depending on what transformer you have, you should either be able to add a second set of wires to the terminal outputs or split the existing wires into two - one for each power drop.

You could also hook your transformer output wires to a terminal block and then run two sets of wires to your track, but that's a little overkill for a 20' layout.   

No need to use a second power supply.

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