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Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster.

I recently acquired the Lionel Celebration Series Canadian Pacific set, which includes 3 Vista Dome cars. I thought it might be cool to add a few passenger figurines to the bench seating area that can be seen through the domes.

To my chagrin, when I opened one of the cars I saw that heat from one of the interior lamps had melted a hole through the “floor” of the upper level seating compartment. I’ve attached two photos that show the melting.

I also cannot figure out how to detach the seating compartment from the plastic clips that fasten it to the car’s ceiling, without breaking the clips.

I would greatly appreciate suggestions on how to detach/reattach the compartment, and how to reconfigure the lamps to prevent them from melting the upper compartment again  


Rob Weber


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how to reconfigure the lamps to prevent them from melting the upper compartment again


Rob Weber

For this part you have two choices:

Easy : Back the exposed plastic thats closest to the light with Aluminum foil from your kitchen. The Foil acts like a heat sink and it will also reflect the light.

Hard: Replace all lamps with LEDs. You will never have to change a light bulb again in that car!

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Here's a link to the LIONEL parts page showing your car and the base hangers (2) and the interior base that provides the "interior" under the dome:

Lionel Train Replacement Parts, O Gauge Model Trains from Lionel Trains (

The two hangers are press fit through holes at each end of the interior base.  While it takes effort, you can press the end of each hanger upwards to release it from the base to free the base.

As it happens, I have new replacements for the hangers and interior base, as well as the chairs and tables which are available to you if you need them.  My email address is in my profile.  I purchased these parts to install interiors in a couple of LIONEL dome cars I have as well as two of my buddy's.  We did his two, but I've since sold the dome cars I had.

You can buy replacement LED bulbs to replace the incandescent bulbs (they're shorter) from Town & Country.

Good luck.

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