would anyone know what the Lionel 6-25419 station sounds diner windows part numbers are? I need numbers for both the small square and larger rectangular windows. lionel part page seems to be down. also where I might find them. 

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I have this car, which is very nice (I am pretty sure was based on K-Line tooling) but it has the much maligned “flush fitting” green tinted windows that actually stick out a little. If there is a separate part number, I don’t think you can get it online until the LionelSupport.com website is back up - presumably after the parts department finishes its move.

Lionel made a few different 18” aluminum StationSounds dining cars and from memory I think that the exploded parts diagram was the same for all of them. I think this is it:


This does not show the window strips as separate parts, which may mean that they are only available as part of the body shell and that may not be possible to get. You could try North Lima Trainworks but their online search function depends on having the part number.

I think I have a spare Lionel  18” UP diner shell with the windows but cannot be sure they match the SP diner. It will be several days before I am able to check this but if you can’t get the parts another way I’m happy to provide what I have as the shell is surplus to requirements.


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tangoman posted:

hancock52 many thanks for the info. let me know about the shell.

Right, I will be able to check it by weekend after next and will post/PM the result.

I would have thought that the Lionel replacement part database will be back up and running by then too but who knows?

Just a head's up/update on this now the Lionel Support website is back up.

The diagram I posted does not show the windows as separately available parts but page 2 of the parts listing does. I hope that this link works but you can find the page simply by searching against the car's SKU:


There are four window types listed, two rectangular and two square, of which all but the smaller square ones are shown as available. I would guess that those are the windows for the car's doors.

I won't have a chance to look at my old 18" UP diner shell until tomorrow but I do not remember the windows being individually applied parts. I would not be surprised if they are but I'll post when I have had a look.

tangoman posted:

many thanks, parts are on order. 

FWIW I think that's your best option. I've now excavated my UP diner body shell and the windows are individual parts which were obviously inserted from the outside with a bead of glue around the edge to ensure they stayed put. I got two of the larger windows to come out but all the others are rammed in place and won't budge. There is also detailing behind the windows of the diner kitchen compartment that I can't work out how to remove without damaging it. 

However, more important is that the edges of these windows are silver whereas the SP Daylight parts are described on LionelSupport.com as black. They do indeed look black on the Daylight Diner I have so the ones from this shell wouldn't be a match, even if they could all be extracted.

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