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The LOTS SF Warbonnet Transparent Boxcars have arrived from Lionel and will be shipped on December 28 from Cincinnati, OH.   Until then, enjoy the picture I took of the actual car and loads waiting to be loaded onto the car.  


If you haven't ordered your car(s) yet, please do so today at the following link . Only 600 were made.  Don't miss out!  Order yours today! 


Not a LOTS' Member - Experience the Difference!  Check us out at ....... You can join LOTS and purchase the car the same day! 




SF Trans Car Photo by PSS


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  • SF Trans Car Photo by PSS
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Hi Stu,


Not sure why you can't see the photo.  When I look at the post it's embedded in the message and clickable underneath.  The same photo is in the December issue of SWITCHER mailed yesterday or if you'd like I can e-mail it to you offline.  I'm new at posting stuff on this OGR forum....I've been registered for quite sometime but never posted anything until recently.


How did you know it was me on here?  Oh.... I guess the flippy girl hair in my picture





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