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I knowingly bought a Lionel Bandstand Accessory (6-14164) with a non-operating audio cassette player inside. I placed it on my layout as a static feature; however, it does light up.

Now I wonder ... could its cassette player be repaired or replaced so I could play Christmas music during the season?  Has Lionel re-made this accessory with a CD player inside - with stereo? If not, they should!

Mike M.   LCCA 12394

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@franktrain posted:

I had one that worked but the sound was not very good. Maybe see if you can get a old iPod and computer speakers, might work better


Thanks for the tip.  I'm considering an option - place a CD player beneath the Bandstand (under the layout platform) and position its speakers close by. Or gut the interior of the Bandstand and place a mini-CD player inside.

Mike M.    LCCA 12394

To All Responders ...

I have a CD player on hand, but its stereo speakers are way too big for use with the Lionel Bandstand. So I ordered two small Digitrax speakers generally intended for installation within a loco body shell. When they arrive, I'll hook them up to the CD player which I'll hide underneath the Bandstand (directly below the platform) and place the small speakers inside the Bandstand as "external  speakers."  I hope that will work and play Christmas music (in the style of Stan Kenton) loud enough to be heard by holiday visitors to my layout.

Mike Mottler    LCCA 12394

@N&W 1218 posted:

Great minds think alike. This accessory surfaced in my memory the other day and I was thinking about finding one. Great conversion ideas. Mike keep us posted on the progress and post a video when you’re playing tunes. 👍🏻

N&W 1218:

Will do. I'll take pix of the modifications to the Bandstand as work in progress, then do a short video with sound.

Since my college days, I've been an appreciator of Stan Kenton's music and a collector his albums. When I worked as a weekend DJ at a radio station in Niles, MI, I pre-arranged a backstage interview with Kenton when his band appeared in nearby South Bend, IN. The next day, I broadcast the interview on air.

The Christmas album by Kenton is a rendering of holiday music like no other! My 15x19 feet L-shaped layout has two levels; the upper level has a Christmas theme with 35 DEPT 56 North Pole Village buildings, so Christmas music in Kenton's unique style will  "fit."

Mike Mottler    LCCA 12394


Images (2)
  • Upper Level, South Wall
  • Upper Level, West Wall - V

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