Lionel Bascule Bridge Operation

I'd like to purchase one of the reproductions (6-12948, 6-37920 or 6-82021) for my layout, but had a couple questions for those who have this accessory...

Can the bridge be wired so that when activated, the bridge goes up-and-back-down all in one cycle, as opposed to activating it to go up and activating it once again to go back down? According to the 1997 instructions (found HERE), the bridge has to be activated each way, once going up and once going down. I've seen some people online who refer to their bridge going through the whole cycle with one activation... Does this depend on the wiring, or postwar vs. reproduction, etc?

My purpose behind this is to use the bridge in a "hands-free" display style, where a relay starts the cycle every so often.

For those of you who have purchased or seen the new reproductions (SKU's above), do you have a preference on any one of the reissue's?

Thanks for your thoughts and help.

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I have the first issue of the “modern” Bascule bridge and it is activate up and activate down as noted. A time delay relay could provide the “activate down” control a few tens of seconds after the bridge has been raised. Some of the accessory controllers out there (e.g. ASC, AIU, etc.) might have a programmable feature that can do this for you.

One word of caution: On the electronic bascule bridges, electrical noise can sometimes trigger the bridge to raise. Not good while a train is on it!! I had this issue a few times when running trains with a few lighted cars. This was on a temporary setup, and I’m sure I can cure it after some investigation. Until I do, I remove power to the bridge until I want to raise it and the track is clear. 

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