Lionel body screw size needed

TrainLarry posted:

If you scroll through the parts listing pages, you will find the screws.



Show me the specific part listing for the screws.  I looked, none were listed for the body screws.  Many other screws were listed, but then he's not looking for any of those.

I just removed a screw from my Legacy  ESE Hudson as the shell screws are listed on the parts breakdown.

I tried it in my 6-11147  M1b and its the same:  

SCREW # 6-32 x 5/16" sm

On a side note. My Legacy h10 was delivered missing a tender screw.

There was nothing from any of my other 7 steamers that would fit, nothing available at the local hardware store would fit.

I took a guess and ordered a screw  from an online hardware supplier based on the TMCC H10  specs, and it didn't work either.

I ran across a stray screw on my train shelf from god knows what . I think it came extra with a caboose years ago.

Low and behold it fit the H10 tender. Go figure


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Are all of the screws on todays engines metric ? just asking because if they are i would buy an assortment just to have on hand ,as a matter of fact i just recently saw that Micro Mark just had a sale on an assortment of both metric & regular sizes ,i didn't order any because i don't know which ones i would need ,perhaps maybe get an assortment of both ?

No, sadly it's an assortment of metric and SAE.  Note the 6-32 screws for many (most?) MTH steam locomotive and tender body mount screws.  Even the locomotive in question here had at least one SAE and one metric screw called out, the other screws didn't identify the thread or measurement standard.

OK ,Thanks John ,it's good to know i don't do many repairs while i have done some i have dealt with some really small screws & the way my hand shakes it's hard for me to hold on to them & when they drop to the floor they can travel pretty far & it is almost impossible to find them ,i may have a few screws missing on some of my engines it isn't a problem so far ,so i may just order a selection of both next time they are on sale . Do you know where would be a good place to order them other than Micro Mark ?    

I don't have a ready source of screws.  I'm somewhat blessed with a large assortment of locomotive screws from many brands due to doing lots of repairs and upgrades.  Frequently, you remove things that aren't going back in, and you end up with screws.  Whenever an extra screw shows up, it's dropped into my screw assortment. 

For certain screws, the long ones to mount MTH tether connectors on brass locomotives come to mind, as well as nylon screws, I do indeed order from Micro Fasteners.

I do the same thing ,whenever i find any small screw anywhere near my trains i put them in a jar even if i don't know if it even belongs to any of the trains ,also if i take anything apart that has small screws such as some kind of electronic device ,i put them in the same jar, who knows i may get lucky & it may fit one of my locos ,or any other rolling stock.  As for Micro- Fasteners ,i already had them listed in my favorites list ,i just forgot about it. Thanks for your help.

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