Happy Friday everyone I'm sorry if this seems like an obvious question but I have searched extensively and have not found an answer to my question.

Just getting back into the hobby after a multi decade absence there are so many new details and nuances I find myself somewhat lost in the wilderness.  I've started out with a few Lionel Lionchief sets and am looking to expand my Fastrack layout to include some crossovers and switches.  My question is about the switches.  I just purchased the MTH Z-1000 in the hopes of powering a simple 5' x 10' (or so) layout and would like to include some Fastrack remote switches.  I've read that these can be operated via the switch but also via Command Control.  I'd ultimately like to move to a Command Control unit (as these seem very cool for a number of features) but haven't seen anywhere whether the Lionel Command Control system is compatible with the MTH Z-1000.  Is this the case or will I have to convert to a Lionel Transformer system at some point to be able to incorporate a Command Control unit?

Again, apologies if this is an obvious question but I would appreciate any guidance/advice on this.

Thanks a lot and have a great weekend!

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Regarding Command Control of the switches with my Lionel 990 Command Remote, when I programmed multiple switches into a unique route, I could only get the route command to work if I used 2 digits greater than 10 to define each route.  When you use route commands (I'm a little vague on those since I haven't used my switches in a long time), all switches in that route will be thrown.


And now it starts.

Rick - is it possible that the default setting somehow got changed to require double digit numbers ? From the Manual:

Building a Route

Building a Route allows you to control a group of Switches and Sub-Routes with one

command. In the CTC options menu (see page 48), you can set the rate at which the Switches

and Sub-Routes in the Route will throw.

There are three key differences between LEGACY and TMCC Routes:

1. LEGACY Routes can contain other Routes. These are called Sub-Routes.

2. LEGACY Routes can throw Switches at a user adjustable rate.

3. LEGACY Routes, while they are single digit ID# Routes by default, can be changed to be

double digit ID# Routes if you wish. It is possible to choose any number 1-9 and have

all Routes that start with that number become double digit Routes. You can have both

double digit Routes and single digit Routes. In the CTC options Menu (see page 48), you

can select Routes 1-9 to be double digit Routes, making a total amount of 99 Routes.

While double digit Routes make more Routes available, they are slower to throw, requiring

2 button presses. Single digit Routes allow for quick throw of Routes with one button

press. An example of this implemented on your layout would be mainline single digit

Route ID#'s 1-8, and 9 double digit ID# Routes in your yard that all begin with ID# 9,

i.e. 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, and 99.


Hasn't been a problem for me. In fact, you mentioned that you've used LionChief. The Lionchief sets can be powered by the DC wall power pack(just plugs right into the track)or via conventional transformers by attaching wires from the terminal track to the transformer or making your own terminal track with disconnects- but that's besides the point.

What I was going to say is that someone makes an adapter piece that would fit over the MTH Z-1000 wall power brick's Plug so that you can plug it directly into the fastrack terminal section usually found in Lionchief sets. The advantage here is the incredible simplicity of using a decent AC power source with a circuit breaker and the 14 volt AC fixed accessory supply. That said, I don't necessarily trust the z-1000 circuit breaker like I do my z-500 so I don't use this method anymore. 

One last note- your general idea about getting command control is spot on. I love it. Loved original TMCC, love DCS(which I now use primarily).  I started with conventional, a year and a half later got the original TMCC, and then got MTH DCS 6 months later for which I still use my Lionel 135-watt Powerhouse and command base(cost saving if one has no plans of going into Legacy;.


Good luck!

Richie C - at the time I used my Command switches, I had 2 switches in a route; when using single digit route numbers, only one switch would throw; don't remember if a 2nd press helped; tried changing the rates of the throws and that made no difference; finally stumbled onto 2 digit route numbers and that made both switches throw consistently and at the minimum throw rate.


And now it starts.

Thanks for the replies everyone.  Also, any suggestions on which command unit I should be looking into?

If you are referring to the remote, I got my first Lionel 990 Legacy Command Set - remote and base 6-14295 - in 2015; haven't looked back; Happy Camper with it.  Only one suggestion: once the remote is charged, do not leave it on a powered base - the heat from the charger is not good for the remote.


And now it starts.

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