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Hello, I have attached a video of it skipping chuffs as it operates. I have completed an engine reset to no avail. Everything functions as it should other than the Dynachuff system. Any recommendations on how to fix would be much appreciated.Thank you, Brian


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Well, that's not dynachuff, that's just triggered chuff. Knowing the difference is kind of important because they are not even in the same ballpark of troubleshooting.

Dynachuff- dynamic chuffing sound increase (more bass, louder)  based on throttle position and is and advanced serial data driven railsounds function

Plain old triggered chuff- the concept that there is a a switch or trigger system, tied to one of the axles to trigger chuffing with rotation of the wheel.

So we look at the parts breakdown of your engine and low and behold- there is a mechanical microswitch for the chuff trigger- and being mechanical- they can go out of adjustment and/or fail and become intermittent.

In this engine, there is a cam on the front axle set, that drives this little "push rod/smoke lever" part 32 and that then triggers the microswitch mechanically.

part #9


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Well, Vernon and John. In the end, had I known what I was dealing with it would’ve been a simple bending of the metal arm that contacts the switch spring. Both of your input was instrumental in getting it fixed and running properly. The hardest part is simply not having experience,removing the shell was completely easy as everything was accessible from the top. But I made the mistake of trying to adjust the spring on the switch(which was fully functioning and still good) and eventually broke the plastic housing that holds it in. I can honestly say I’ve put in a good 4 to 5 hours on this project , had I known what to do, it would’ve probably been 30 minutes tops. But that’s how life is, you just have to keep persisting and not give up! HAPPY days. I hope this post will be of help to someone who may experience the same issue Brian.


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