Lionel Legacy B&O #4500 Videos?

Mikado 4501 posted:

A lot of us are in the same boat, Matt. There’s virtually no videos of the B&O, NYC, GTW, or Southern light Mikados Lionel just released,

I was waiting to see how it sounded before I might think of purchasing the 4500, just wanted to hear how it sounded, if not I might just go with the 587.

Matt Flanagan

*National Capital Trackers

Maybe, like with the SD60E, Lionel should upload the sound-set they are going to use on the locomotive onto that specific loco page on This would be so we don't have to play the waiting game for what random sound-set lionel will release on certain locos in the future. 

Zach Ferreira

SIRR Productions


Patience is a virtue with Pre-Ordering. 


Thanks to Lionel for selling out of the Brass Hybrid Mikado before I made up my mind on purchasing the B&O Light Mikado or the Brass Hybrid.

That being said, I should have a new B&O Mikado on the layout in the next day or two. Will have to bring it down to the B&O Museum for comparison and photos with the REAL #4500!

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