Lionel SD70ace Ditch Lights

The lights that flash when the horn sounds are called ditch lights.

There is an icon in the lower left corner of the screen marked on and off.

By pressing the on or off buttons, the message line at the top of the

screen will cycle thru ditch lights on, off flashing. The ditch lights can

be changed from off or on or flashig when the horn sounds.




All the lites work except the front head lites will not stay in the on position.   Front head lites only flash when the horn is sounded!!  when I use the on and off switch on the legacy remote for the front lites no results.  any suggestions??

For some reason, the headlight acts like it's crossed with the ditch lights.


Dumb question, do the ditch lights flash when you blow the horn while in motion?

Good call, I had an odd issue once with lights after the engine was in an MU configuration.

Did you try Mike's idea?  The MU configuration may be part of the issue, getting that out of the way may be the ticket.

Now you add the ground lights to the mix with

the ditch lights and head lights. It sounds like

there could be  pinched wires shorting together

when the shell was put on or the Legacy  system is

sending the wrong commands to the engine.


When Lionel started shipping Legacy with V1.4, I had

problems turning the Cab 2 on and off and other problems

with strange engine results when pressing the touch pad



Do you have another engine to try or another Legacy systen

to run your engine under?



Another issue that needs to be checked is that there are different reset codes for different diesels engines. R2LC, older before Legacy, boards had (16) different reset codes.  You noted a reset, which required a code associated with the specific engine, be sure it is the correct code. Wrong reset code can be an issue.  If you posted the model number, it would help with the research and trouble shooting.  You need to be sure all programming is correct before you start swapping wires. IMO.

Originally Posted by toyspecialist:



I only own one Lionel Legacy Locomotive.  This is my first lionel Legacy product and I'm disappointed.

I would not be very disappointed at Lionel as you did not purchase it through a dealer.

Originally Posted by toyspecialist:



I only own one Lionel Legacy Locomotive.  This is my first lionel Legacy product and I'm disappointed.

Since it's likely that it didn't come that way, I'm not sure I'd form a judgment on Legacy from one used example that may have been tampered with.  I'd wait until you find out what the issue is.

I had an SD70ACe with working ditch lights a first. One of

the ditch lights would work then one light would get dim

and go out. It was returned to Lionel and they

fixed it.


Is it only the ditch lights with a problem?

Pressing the Ditch light on/off icon will change

the ditch light pattern but it is hard to read what

the setting shows in the strip at the top of the display.

Press the ditch on/off button and try the ditch lights.

Keep trying until you get the display you want, ditch lights on, off

flashing when horn operating.


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