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Are lionel lionmaster steam engines compatible with Sensor Track?

Only Legacy Lionmaster engines that were produced after around 2012 when the sensors were added to the locomotives. 

An option if you can find one is the  6-83519 REA Scale Sensor Boxcar.  This boxcar was made to add sensor capabilities to earlier Legacy engines without a sensor and to a lesser amount TMCC engines.  I've been told Lionel has a lot of these because folks didn't understand what the purpose was or how they worked but so far I haven't seen them at the warehouse sale.




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LionMaster is simply the name for larger engines that have been proportioned to fit on smaller layouts. The name doesn't necessarily identify the electronics in them.

As Marty stated, Legacy LionMaster engines do have the sensor track capability built-in.

LionChief Plus 2.0 LionMaster engines do not. This would be the newest Big Boy, SD80MAC, and Allegheny. None of which have shipped from Lionel yet.

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