Long Island Rail Road-Oyster Bay Branch

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I'm using 2r track on part of the sidings of my next build. Looks much better in spots where power units don't need to operate. You might want to think about that when you do some sidings.

Layout is much more realistic than that other toy one that posts every 5 minutes on here. He seems to think he's the only one that ever made a layout before.  OK I guess if your not a period modeler.

Thanks Bob, I’m happy with this fleet. This is what would be seen in that era (1948-1955). Thanks Steve, I appreciate the kind words especially from someone of your caliber. I’m doing a lot of these tasks for the first time, so there will be a need for a redo every now and then. Thanks for the idea about the sidings, I never would have thought of that. Thanks for the kind words Scotie. That must have been an interesting location to live, very busy, but fun. I’d like to change the paint scheme on the RS-3 to the orange ends to match the other diesels. I’d also like to get rid of the Dashing Dan logo on everything. I wouldn’t mind making one of the engines Goodfellow gray. I think that’s sharp looking. And to have the right paint on the passenger cars. I think the Tichy scheme on the C-Liner is pretty nice too.


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