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I'm building an Atlas O Scale SW1200 and am searching for a set of the rumored, long-lost laser cut windows for this model.  I believe these were sold by Chooch Enterprises Inc. (or Ultra Scale) some time in the past.  I don't see them on the Chooch website and have sent them an email; waiting for a response. 

I have replaced the overly thick roof on the Atlas model and would like to address the same shell thickness issue visible at the windows.  I tried the Bob Sobol method of using a mill to undercut the front windows but chickened out on the rear ones!


cab roof mods


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Nice work Mike!

As far as the Atlas factory windows, I still have them, but I want to upgrade.  Chooch Enterprises contacted me this morning stating they still carry the laser cut flush fitting windows. 

I like building models, and have always been fascinated with the challenge of upgrading my models.  On my Atlas SW1200, I want to address the thick cab walls as well as add or upgrade other details.  The two places on the cab that stand out are the roof and windows.  Both places show the cross section of the cab and it scales out to 5 inches thick!  I think it visually takes away from a nice model.  The flush fitting replacement windows can help by removing the "shelf" left by the factory window inserts. 


I'd agree.  Good luck finding a set.  I did have a problem with my windows.  Whatever laser they used to cut them, the windows were not 100% accurate.  I had a lot of gaps and random cuts into the edges of my windows. 

I don't have them physically with me to take photos, but if you cared enough to swap the windows and admire them from close, you could see the issues.  I will make a note to take photos the next time I can.

An FYI - I had told Mike about my problems, he swapped out the sets, and the new sets had the same problems.

I wish someone would make a mold out of resin or metal for all weather windows on the sides of the SW cabs. Don't say they are easy to knock up, not easy when your doing everything else on a large layout by yourself, sometimes you have to pay someone for these little bits and pieces. Roo.


I would love to see more O scale diesel detail parts.  The hobby for me has always been more about building models vs buying them, but I fully understand the time and resource balancing that finishing even a small layout requires!  Add to that, you have done an amazing job of building your layout more than once!  I retire in a few months...maybe I should learn how to reproduce detail parts like all the garage based manufactures used to do in HO back in the 80s and 90s!  I wouldn't hold your breath!


Thanks for your observations with the windows.  I'll be looking closely; if they don't work out, maybe they will lead me to the next answer.  Anything will be better than the poor factory bubble windows.  In my opinion, all the hard work that was put into designing the cab was virtually wasted by the half-a***d windows.  There used to be a saying frequently spoken at prototype modeling meets; "It ultimately costs less to do it right the first time!".  I know that the guys behind Chooch have a long reputation for innovation and precision in O scale, at least on a personal level.  I also know that being a manufacture at the same level is exponentially harder!  Most of the failures are outside of the span of control of the guy fronting the business.  Luck for me, I like the struggle and triumph building my models!


Excellent work as always! Good to hear that Chooch has the windows again.  I had a set from years ago which I recently installed. They aren't a perfect fit and there are a couple of gaps. In fact the wiper on the left in this picture is hiding a gap.

As others have said, better they were a bit too large than too small - easier to file down than to fill gaps!  I found painting the inside edge of the window cut-outs and the outer edges of the window panes matt black before installing really helped them look thin. 

I used small amounts of canopy cement and pushed the windows as far to the outside of each cut-out as I dared. With my 1.5:1 scale fingers I found it hard to get each pane flush and equal, and to make them stay level while the glue dried.  Maybe Aileen's Tacky Glue in tiny amounts would have been a better choice.  Oh well, next time...      


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Mathom posted:

Two sets are on their way (eventually) to West Australia. I would have ordered more except I don't know yet if they will fit the SW's I think they will if so they will get another order I have Ten SW locos to convert. Thanks Mathom. 

And thanks Rick for your kind remarks and mate, you do great high quality work, love what your doing on the SW'S. Roo

A little update on progress. The window issue hasn't been solved yet but I'm busy working on other details.  Here is a composite shot of some of the details I'm working on. 

The jury is still out on the KV Models radiator core. The etching is very nice! There are some valid concerns about it blocking sound. Until I get to the part of the build where I fit the speaker, I won’t be able to make my final decision. In the meantime, I went ahead and did some finish painting on the KV part. I spray painted the core a base dark brown. After this was cured, I dry brushed silver over the entire part to force a contrast in the texture. On top of this, a dry brushed a small amount of light green around the lower edges of the cores to simulate brass corrosion. A little update on progress.

SW overall 2SW rad core 3 


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