I have come across this set recently and it looks to be a Karl Bub but would anyone know what the "SA" logo is? And when German tinplate trains were sold outside of Europe/N.America, where the boxes different from their country of origin?



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Elgaucho posted:

Great photos! Thanks everyone. Just curious.. are Schuhmann trains rare or fairly common? It's production run seems to have only been between 1907-1938. And I think I know what you're saying by "political reasons" he was "bought over".

They are not common but often misidentified when listed as single pieces or loco and tender pairs. Most are listed by European sellers who also guess at their manufacturer, as is common with many German makes.

Jim O'C

Upstate NY/So VT

Great thread and a great pick up Mr Gaucho

Adolf Schuhmann has been on my radar for a little while as I dont have a single example of his work ... yet ! lol!

Not rare rare , but uncommon I would say as I have been actively looking for one

( and less so within my meagre budget , Short arms and long pockets LMAO !  )


Clockwork guys have a spring in their step!

Thanks Jim! The J.D.N was a little hard to read, based on the photo.

If anyone's interested in any of these two sets (Schuhmann or Distler) email me! I'm not collecting either, so I'd gladly point you in the proper direction. Maybe we can swap information on trains that I "do" collect?


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