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Jay C.,

No insult intended.  I was looking for the craftsmen who rebuilt engines and drives for people who do not have the time to do it themselves after they have purchased the engine.  I was looking for the names of those from decades ago and not currently building drives.  Mr. Cockerham, Mr. White and Bob Smith and the others whose names elude me are what I am looking for.  The names that are eluding me are what I am seeking.


He is still active, but how about Jerry White successor Rod Miller?

Bill Wolfer? Icken? Jack Ferris? Ed Alexander? Another great old gentleman Ed Duddy who was responsible for Microengineering code 148 track . Don't know if he did repower, but he was an innovator of a lot of stuff.

By the by, Henry's last name is spelled as Bob2 has it: Bultmann.

All the above on the theory, beggars can't be choosers.


One final thought: Suggest you ferret out a set of the late O Scale News. All that kind of stuff will be mentioned there, and buy the CD offered here for early 2 rail oriented issues of this Mag.

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