Making the most of my time at home. I'm working toward Master Model Railroader certification through the National Model Railroad Association. The program, actual name "Achievement Program (AP)" Began in 1961. Nearly 60 years later, there are only about 750 certified Master Model Railroaders. It is not easy to earn this distinction.

I'm working on the scenery certificate. I'm building a module of Essex, Montana.

The first picture you see below is the west side of the original 1892 engine house.

The photos after shows some of my work. This model is kitbashed; meaning I'm using pieces from other kits--3 this far. And I had to scratch build the small roof and supports over the door.

I just started this building project tonight. Lots more to go including pots of weathering and rust on the building.

I have also included my super weathered version detailed version of the Essex water tank in model form as well. The actual one built in 1952 still stands in Essex today!

Having fun! I have 3 certificates already--7 are required. I will have two more in the next 1.5 years. Hopefully I will have this one, number 6?, scenery, by year's end.

One to go...somewhere down the track! Hope to be completed by June 2022. That when a National Model Railroad Convention-- Tri-Regional Convention will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana.


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JOHN: A worthy and notable achievement! It would seem our own Sam Parfitt would also be a candidate with his many creations on his fabulous Great Northern Railway!

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Looking forward to seeing your "how to" thread on this building project using parts from other kits; i.e. "scratch building."

In my youth, I built many original buildings using readily available balsa wood. An X-Acto knife, a straight edge and some glue were the basic tools and later some Testors paint. My models would likely never have won any contest, but they were fun to create. In later years in this hobby, alas, I became a strictly "ready-to-run" fellow, and make no apologies. I never had the patience, talent, nor time to build and create, but I have keen admiration for those, like John, that do!

Best Wishes! Please keep this thread going and keep us updated. I'm sure we all can learn something from your projects and work ethic towards this big achievement.


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