All ready to go guys  ! If your in the Eau Clair WI area,  stop by and say hi to the Menards team and me.



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I'm not going to make it this year Bob, partly because I'm still too gimpy from a broken leg, which I'm supposed to stay off of. 

Basil - There is still room at the picnic tonight. If you'd like to see my layout, drop me an email. I'm just an hour drive away from the show.

Dad ( Bob), nice teaser pics. Especially when I tried to blow them up to see what is new they just got blurry. But I am pumped and ready to go. And to top it all off I left home without my tickets and had to stop at a Menards in Eau Claire and buy two more .......Paul 2

Bob- Thanks for posting the pictures for us on the east coast who couldn’t make the trip!  Looks like a great event.

What is the building in the front left of the 3rd photo next to the UFO?  I don’t recall seeing it previously, but I could’ve missed it. 



Well I would think its closed by now for the day! I sure hope everyone had a great day as I know Menards puts out some quality products! Just wish I was there to see Dad AKA Cabinet Bob and some of the new releases from Menards!

I'll be going on Sunday.  I'm sure it will be as much fun as last year.  I will try to take some photos and share when I get bACK.

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eddie g posted:

Why don't they set up at York?

Why be one of many when you can be the star? Why go to some other place when you can host a great party in your own house? 

eddie g posted:

Why don't they set up at York?

Why would they set up in a state where they have no stores? Eau Claire is their HQ, and they own the building.

All true, but I would expect that they’d do well in theOrange Hall. And there’s a good spot vacated by Lionel!

and the big thing,... We’d all get to meet Cabinet Bob!

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