I'm not going to make it this year Bob, partly because I'm still too gimpy from a broken leg, which I'm supposed to stay off of. 

Basil - There is still room at the picnic tonight. If you'd like to see my layout, drop me an email. I'm just an hour drive away from the show.

Dad ( Bob), nice teaser pics. Especially when I tried to blow them up to see what is new they just got blurry. But I am pumped and ready to go. And to top it all off I left home without my tickets and had to stop at a Menards in Eau Claire and buy two more .......Paul 2

Bob- Thanks for posting the pictures for us on the east coast who couldn’t make the trip!  Looks like a great event.

What is the building in the front left of the 3rd photo next to the UFO?  I don’t recall seeing it previously, but I could’ve missed it. 



Well I would think its closed by now for the day! I sure hope everyone had a great day as I know Menards puts out some quality products! Just wish I was there to see Dad AKA Cabinet Bob and some of the new releases from Menards!


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Semper Fi !

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Yeah!  But, in reference to the supposed great new releases, WHERE'S THE BEEF?




2 Rails?  3 Rails?  Doesn't matter, I can't count that high in either case.

I love the smell of fresh-brewed creosote first thing in the morning.

If the government knew how much fun O-gauge railroading was, they'd outlaw it!

eddie g posted:

Why don't they set up at York?

Why would they set up in a state where they have no stores? Eau Claire is their HQ, and they own the building.

All true, but I would expect that they’d do well in theOrange Hall. And there’s a good spot vacated by Lionel!

and the big thing,... We’d all get to meet Cabinet Bob!

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