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To LRRC & LCCA Members - Greetings from the LCCA


The members of the LRRC will be joining the LCCA.  Here are answers to some of the questions and concerns of the current LRRC members; as plans continue to be finalized.  First and foremost, WELCOME TO THE LIONEL COLLECTORS CLUB OF AMERICA (LCCA)!  The goal and LCCA club motto is “A lifetime of happiness collecting Lionel Trains.”  We hope all of you will enjoy your experience with the LCCA, become an active member and achieve a “lifetime of happiness” with Lionel Trains and the LCCA.


We in the LCCA believe the 7-24-2014 announcement made by Lionel President Howard Hitchcock (Read Press Release) is a win-win, win-win situation.  LRRC members, LCCA members, Lionel and the LCCA will all win and everyone will benefit from this new arrangement.  Current LRRC Members will receive more member benefits, additional value and enhanced membership experiences.  Lionel will be able to work closer together with just one club and be more efficient and focused.  All LCCA members (old and new) will receive the 10%  discount on purchases made on the Lionel website, plus benefit from the closer and stronger relationship with Lionel.  The LCCA club will become a larger club and be able to work closer with the team at Lionel to promote and foster an interest in Lionel trains.  We plan to continue providing our members with more new and desirable product club offerings and Lionel cars in the future.     


Lionel has sent out an e-mail, issued public announcements and posted on their website this announcement to the all of the LRRC members.  (Lionel plans to send written communication via US mail with all current LRRC members in the near future).  All current LRRC members will  enjoy an LCCA Regular Membership (RM’s) through at least year end 2014.  Depending on renewal date, LRRC members will have the option to continue on with their membership in the LCCA and renew as a Regular member (RM), or if your are under the age of 18 years as a LCCA Junior Membership (JM), or if you prefer, you can change your membership to our new LCCA Electronic Membership (EM).  More information will be provided in the weeks ahead.  Stay tuned to our website for updated and most current information.


If you are currently a member of both the LCCA and LRRC, upon the completion of your LRRC membership term, you will experience a cost savings while maintaining the same benefits at a reduced cost.  Additional information will follow as soon as they are available. 


I believe the best reason for being a member of the LCCA is to have FUN!  The Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) has something of interest for the new entry level novice as well as the most serious toy train collector or the operators.  This club can be enjoyed by everyone no matter what level of involvement you prefer.   


For those of you not familiar with the Lionel Collectors Club of America, the LCCA is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization with thousands of men, women and children who have an interest in Lionel trains.  Founded in 1970 by Jim Gates of Perry IA, LCCA members live all around the world, but predominantly in the United States. The purpose of the club is to promote and foster an interest in Lionel trains specifically and toy trains in general and have fun while doing it. If you have an interest in Lionel Trains, this club is a fun organization to belong to. We provide our members with award winning publications, exclusive video productions, an outstanding Website, and Facebook accounts (Both for Regular Members (RM) RM Facebook and Junior Members (JM)) JM Facebook as well as an opportunity to purchase limited edition LCCA train products made by Lionel exclusively for our members.  Additional information will follow with details about the numerous benefits for belonging to the LCCA.


If you are a current LRRC member and you have questions or concerns, you can contact me by calling my cell phone 248-709-4137 or via e-mail at  We welcome you and invite you to attend and participate in our club activities.  Maybe, you can even host an LCCA Special Event.


We welcome you into the LCCA and know you will find the club to be worthwhile and fun for you.  If you have any questions or need more information please contact me at 248-709-4137  Our business office is always available at





Al Kolis

President Elect & Special Events Manager

Lionel Collectors Club of America



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Here are a couple of points of clarification for my post above:

- All current LRRC Member questions  and correspondence should be sent directly to Lionel.


-  All current LCCA Members will not be eligible to receive the 10% discount on Lionel Website Purchases until sometime after the transition becomes effective.


Please stand by for official communications from the LRRC and  LCCA in the near future.


best regards


Al Kolis

President Elect & Special Events Manager

Lionel Collectors Club Of America

248 709-4137

Originally Posted by bc64:

The only reason I joined the LRRC was to receive printed Lionel catalogs in the mail. The membership cards, newsletter and buttons had no interest to me. Does LCCA send Lionel catalogs as one of the club benefits?

Yes, Every year, Lionel would cross reference LRRC members and LCCA member lists to provide every member with one of each catalog.  Lionel did the actual mailings of the catalogs.  As long as Lionel continues to provide catalogs,  it is our belief LCCA members will continue to receive Lionel Catalogs.


al Kolis

248 709-4137

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