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Hello, again.  Another late start to Midweek, photos, but what can I say?  Life and work get in the way of posting as early as I would like.  Feel free to add your photos to the thread.  Many, many thanks to those who have been keeping this topic going over the years.  


Here is day 2 of Railfest at Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, PA.  The "Starting Lineup" features CNJ 1554, which will lead a special train this morning, D&H 4068, just a nice display for the weekend, and F3 663, which will lead the excursion to Moscow, PA later in the day. 


Once again, some of our bigger steam sits outside.  A 2-8-4, Nickel Plate 759 and a 4-8-2, Grand Trunk Western 6039.


One of the newer attractions is the Selfie Station.  Railroad props to take your photos with, and create a family memory. 


The Special Train operating this day is a Photo Special.  Central of New Jersey RS3 no. 1554 takes a few Jersey Central coaches on the DL&W.  If only the Jersey Central tracks in Scranton were still in place .  


Our  hearty crew of railroad photographers for today's photo journey. 

More photos are coming in the following post.  Get your pictures ready, any day of the week, to add to this thread.  Be right back.


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Now, onto the photos.  Railfest gave us plenty of photo opportunities.  


A little respect is shown to freight railroading.  We afde waiting for access to the other side of the single track.  


The freight passes our Photo Special excursion. 


Next stop to see this train is only a few steps away from the other.  This is the Mattes Street Tower at Steamtown (built 1911)  and the Cedar Ave bridge, built 1992. 


Next photo location is Nay Aug Tunnel.  Still in Scranton.  About a mile or two away from Steamtown's boarding platform. 


Artistic view of our train, on the opposite end of the tunnel.


Coming back forward, a shot of our train at the tunnel. 


Various angles of the train and the tunnel.


Next, we backed down to another photo spot.  Just East of the backing down location of the Scranton Limited.  There is Baldwin Locomotive Works no. 26. 


Now time for the photo train shots.  This location is East University Crossing. 


WE were all looking for unusual angles.  This is one I captured by Jacobsen Hat Company. 


Final photo location for this part of Railfest was at Bridge 60, as our train is met by another run of the Scranton Limited.  


Mostly during the middle of the day, I worked the Limiteds, and was not able to shoot photos on the train. 


As the day wound down, it was time to put the pieces away.  Erie Lackawanna no. 2 was one of the first pieces to be relocated.  


The late afternoon Sun shone down on us, and our two former excursion stars.... Canadian National no. 3254 and Canadian Pacific no. 2317.  Both are outside for the first time since they last ran..  It was an interesting Railfest. 



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A few pictures from a cross-country trip on the Empire Builder and Capitol Limited back in August. 


Former ATSF warbonnet sitting with 2 sisters in North Dakota.


The NPCU on the rear of my train from Vancouver. 


A former BN caboose, now a shove platform, sitting in front of a small pier off Puget Sound. 


Former ATSF SD75M 255 sitting in the sidings next to Seattle's downtown harbor. 


A rare GP60B paired with the SD75M.


Nearly new Siemens SC-44s shut down at King Street station sandwiching the Seattle Seahawks NCPU.


King Street station.


A siding somewhere in the Cascades. 


Essex, Montana. 


Pittsburgh Penn Station. On the right is the eastbound Capitol Limited; on the left, what will be the morning's eastbound Pennsylvanian to Philadelphia. 


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coal waits for crew this pm. These engines are facing east but will become helpers when the locos on the other end of this train gets it's crew. The coal is going a few miles west to the old WM interchange, and will follow the old Thomas sub to Bayard, run past a turnout, then these two locomotives will lead to the Mt Storm power plant.

evening coal


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Morning sunrise in Anchorage.  This is the Glacier Discovery Train.  Mainly brings day boat excursion people between Anchorage & Whittier & back in the evening.  They also bring people out for river rafting & overnight camping south of Portage.  The Forest Service built cabins out in the middle of no where - only accessible by rail.  The Double Decker on the rear of the train is the DMU - one of the last things built by Colorado Railcar - before they went out of business.27E95016-EFE5-45E5-A8D4-EA3766CD30E3


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