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Originally Posted by zak98:

great set. very prototypical.  price is very reasonable.  just note some of the striping on cars, etc.. some is peeling.  but that is noted in the text and in pics.  again for the price, i have thought about "pulling the trigger" on this  set, especially during the "sale".

Coming from the 3 rail camp, my concern now would be the process of adding sound and smoke to the engine and tender especially with the gears that have been added to the tender.  Never saw anything like this before.  Actually wish the engine was the F7, Hudson type, Hiawatha but may not be prototypical with the associated passenger cars???


Really don' want to run any train with out sound; especially steam.


All of my G scale  brass steam engines either had sound and smoke or it has been added.



Thank you for the responses; great looking set.


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Likely DC.  There is no mention of DCC in the description.


as far as the supplemental tender drive, the locomotive by itself likely isn't powerful enough to operate the set on a layout.  Drive systems in tenders and baggage cars can help get the train over the road.  I'm thinking my Atlas Zephyr set might need such a drive in the baggage car, though I hope three powered F units will be enough!

I have a set of Atlas Rio Grande F-3s that were repowered by Lou Houlemard (new owner of CLW) using his milled brass chassis, new horizontal drive with Pittman motors, and steel wheels in new OCS trucks from P&D Hobby -- the

unplated steel drive wheels have excellent adhesion and two powered units in the A-B-B-A set can pull all the cars I own. 

CLW came and went.  I think his kits cost more to produce than he could sell them for - probably planning to make it up in volume.  Too bad - Lou and his wife were really nice folks.


John - I think it was the iron.  One side was Meehanite, the other machined iron pipe.  Both have a grabby surface.  Steel is ok, and it goes downhill from there.  Nickel and chrome plate have the worst adhesion.

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