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Please modify/improve the forum description on the 3RS Forum, so as to be more descriptive of what 3RS modeling is all about. Such a modification/improvement was done on the HONGZ Forum, with good results. Apparently many folks do NOT bother to read the "stickies" at the top of the 3RS forum, and thus believe that "Discuss 3-Rail Scale Trains" fits their needs to post ANY subject on the 3RS Forum.


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Just one thing I noticed- they fixed a long standing issue that when a user added a new post the default was 3RS, and now it smartly forces the user to pick a proper category.  Again, I feel that was one way myself and others accidentally posted to 3RS just because it defaulted to that category the instant you started to make a post.

Many thanks for implementing that important change.


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I had typed up and taken a screenshot and was going to make a forum change suggestion since multiple times a day Alan was going on about posting in wrong forums. I mostly reply to others questions and rarely start a topic. So to kind of see first hand the problem, I clicked to start a topic and noticed the default at the time this screenshot was taken (Screen Shot 2022-05-08 at 2.14.43 PM)

This was meant as a compliment to the staff here making a good helpful change.

Again, the current behavior, the menu forces the user to make a choice and is not defaulted to a choice. It is now defaulting to "Select Forum".


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Vernon, it is not a forum-wide default, and again, we did not change anything.

The forum software will “default” to post in the forum you are currently in when you click the POST button. If you then click within that area where you see “3 Rail Scale Model Trains” a drop-down list will appear where you can choose another forum to post in other than the one you were in when you clicked “Post.”

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Prior to entering a sub forum, or after backing out to this point, when you select POST on this screen.


and then select TOPIC on this screen.


this screen appears, with the FORUM selection ‘Select Forum’


which is different from the screen that appears when POST is selected after entering a sub forum where the forum is set to the sub forum you are in.


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