Fellas, I need some suggestions.  After 2 of my original Scaletrax switch machines burned up, I decided to go with more reliable switch and bought a couple of z-2500 switch machines from z-stuff.  The work like a charm.  However, I am having all sorts of difficulty trying to figure out how to modify the switch machines to work with my Scaletrax switches.  I have almost ruined one trying to super glue the magnetic switch arm to my new switch machine (not a good idea on hindsight).  Please, any suggestions would be extremely appreciated.  Pictures would help even more.  Thanks in advance for all help.

Adam H

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Can you drill a hole in the throwbar? Mount the 2500 on a piece of stock equal in height to the ties (or at least 1/4" tall), so that the throw on the switch machine is in line with the throw bar, then either connect one of the supplied springs, if any fit, or make your own from .020 or .025 piano wire.


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I had the same dilemma as you. I ordered this 1/8" square tubing from Amazon. I cut it in 1/2" lengths and drilled a small hole in one end for the spring, then painted the tube black. On the other end, I inserted a small magnet to mate with the magnet in the switch throw arm. Watch the polarity so they attract rather than repel. The magnets I also ordered from Amazon, but I noticed they don't have them anymore. If you did a search on the name, they might have them by a different vendor.


Products from Amazon:

Plastruct STFS-4 Square Tubing, 1/8", Qty 7, PLS90621 (I paid $7.21)

Tiny Craft Hobby Neodymium Rare Earth Super Magnets 1/8 x 1/16 in. Qty 50 (I paid $3.99)


With the Z-2500 switches is the Atlas spring. That is the one I used. I glued the magnet in to the tubing with a dab of super-glue.


Here are some photos:









Let me know if you need more info.

George (G3)


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