The sound of a Lionel's tender whistling woke me about twenty minutes ago(6:30am) I feel asleep with the tv on. I missed the train, but the whistle blew again in the background. The movie is called the Love letter.... Oh, "Ellen" the talkshow host is in it.... I'm rollin back over now, "later folks"

"Still trying to not shoot my eye out"


"Nursing insomnia one railcar at a time"

My aroma therapy? Smoke Pellets.


About two weeks ago I was unable to sleep due to a sore neck and shoulder.  About 4:00 AM I got out of bed and sat in my recliner chair.  I turned on my TV and caught the beginning of "The Adventures of Annie Oakley", a 1950 western series.  WOW!! the story was centered around the narrow gauge SP Owens valley branch.  There were lots of scenes of ten wheeler no. 9 under steam running light and pulling trains.  Scenes were shot in Laws, Owenyo and Keeler.  Sure the story was hokey and Annie was even hokier but I was totally entranced with all the train scenes.  BTW it was shown on MEtv, channel 17 here in Roswell GA.      ODD-D

R. E. Ottosen
texastrain posted:

Watching FXM Retro and a movie from 1965 called "John Goldfarb, Please Come Home" with Shirley McLane, Peter Ustinov, Harry Morgan, and other greats is on.  It is about a U2 pilot who lands in a middle eastern country, and the sheik, Peter Ustinov, has trains, of all scales, running everywhere through his palace, throughout the movie.  It is a fun B movie from that time, and a lot of trains and girls in bikinis.  A lot of good looking action, with trains....... A really fun movie for a Saturday of relaxing while working on engines, despite the distractions.  Still, worth watching to catch the interesting model train action, and some ideas for layouts around the house.......


I saw that movie as a kid the local t.v. station would air it.Now those where trains that smoked and sounded like trains.I know its a movie but its a fun movie.

"Society Lawyer," from 1939. Saw it on TCM recently. One of the characters (a mobster whom Walter Pidgeon's character has gotten off on a murder charge as the film opens, if I remember correctly) has an O gauge train train running around a carpet layout. Track runs under the bed - he lifts up a ruffle as the train emerges.


The Great Train Robbery (1978)

In Victorian England, a master criminal makes elaborate plans to steal a shipment of gold from a moving train.


Michael Crichton (screenplay by), Michael Crichton (based on his novel)

User Reviews

"I wanted the money."
21 October 2007 | by Daniel KincaidSee all my reviews

"The Great Train Robbery" is based on a novel by Michael Crichton. It features the efforts of a band of three to rob gold kept in elaborate safes on a train leaving England to support the Crimean War. The film's costumes, elaborate sets and a score from Jerry Goldsmith are impeccable at creating a sense of Victorian England.

Sean Connery is charming as Edward Pierce, who leads the robbers. Donald Sutherland has a memorable role as Robert Agar, a top-rate thief and accomplice to Pierce. Lesley-Anne Down plays Miriam, Pierce's enchanting female companion who has no scruples about using her womanly charms.

The film follows the elaborate and interesting lengths that the gang must go to before they can even board the train. The elements of a great caper film are there: split-second decisions, tension and improvisations when plans go awry. The film also benefits from a lot of well-placed humor. "The Great Train Robbery" proves to remain interesting throughout the build up to and during the robbery.

Great action train movie with great actors

In "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane... before killing him Jane hands drunken Ed a doll of herself and leaves the room. Ed sees the wheelchair and mischievously gets in with the doll on his lap and wraps a blanket over thier heads "like an Indian squaw" and goes for a drunken ride down the hall "Here comes the Super Chief"  

("fr-Ed's dead Baby... fr-ED's dead"  

"Still trying to not shoot my eye out"


"Nursing insomnia one railcar at a time"

My aroma therapy? Smoke Pellets.


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