Yeah....  they look to be a little bit on the too large size from what I discern.  Still looking nice, but perhaps need to be an inch, or so, smaller to look correct.  But hey, it is model trains, not rivet counting scale trains.. right?

Jesse   TCA  12-68275

I was reminded this morning that Aurora used to do 1/48 scale armor and artillery, too.  They put out a nice set of an 8" howitzer (same carriage as the 155mm Long Tom) and its prime mover, for example.  You can find those on the auction sites, too, but they are far more dear than even the Bandai.

Maybe Atlantis will be able to reissue those.  I would be in for multiple sets!  I want to put a whole battery on one train 

Frisco, MoPac, and T&P near Rolla, MO

The American Big Gun could when they were installed at Fort McArthur in California.  There were two of them, set upon prepared mounts and the trucks removed from under them.  Also, some "Big Guns" were located to large radius loops, with motive unit(s) so they could be positioned proper orientation to achieve targeting.

Jesse TCA   12-6827550_bigFort McArthur shore batterys-l500Fort-MacArthur-001FM1920Drawing 


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Palallin..   Have you heard of a French Model company called, believe this, GASOLINE.  Yes, and they make great looking, detailed models that are "ready to paint" in 1:48 scale.  And, the prices are not high, within reason.  And, along with the Long Tom, they also make many types of military pieces, of different nations and eras.  I have looked at their site, but waiting on some 3D printed 1:48 Long Toms ordered, for the very low cost under twenty dollars each.  Will most likely have to detail more, but when painted and partially boxed/covered as done to be shipped by rail...……...

Jesse   TCA

Sure, but I haven't looked at their stuff in years.  Usta was, they were near the top of the price list.  Maybe the intervening years--and the advent of 3D printing--have rendered their products more economical.  Thanks for the tip.  I need to look at them again.

Frisco, MoPac, and T&P near Rolla, MO

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