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E-Z Catch and METCA have joined forces to offer a custom run via MTH! See the pictures and ordering information!

The Batten Kill Railroad (reporting mark BKRR) was formed in 1982 and is a class III railroad operating in New York. This colorful paint scheme is prototypical for the Kill's RS-3 #605. This MTH model features Proto-Sound 3.0 (PS3), dual motors, smoke, etc. (all the same features as the other 2023 MTH RS3 releases). This extremely limited custom run is a joint effort between E-Z Catch (we only have 12 loco's being made for us) and METCA.  

To order this locomotive - check out our page of custom items - MTH Exclusives for E-Z Catch.   Price is 389.99 with FREE SHIPPING.
Also you can check out the custom runs offered by METCA here -


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