I think you're looking at the 2 rail scale wheel version? (22-xxxxx-2)

You can order that and swap out the wheels for 3 rail track if you want fixed pilots. You'll have to install your own KD couplers on that version.

Most here on this forum, get the high rail version (20-xxxxx-1) for use on 3 rail track.

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Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!

Its 3 rail.... look at the catalog for yourself, and you,ll see  it appears that several dash 9s have fixed pilots, not all

Mth number underneath photo has  high rail wheels, theres several on that page and in a different year catalog as well. The Dash 9s are the only ones ive seen with fixed pilots in photos 



MTH often shows them both ways in the catalogs. Some are actually shopped photos of H.O. models. Check the stock number 20-nnnnn-1 is the hi-rail with swinging pilots, large couplers, and hi-rail wheels. As Joe stated above, the 22-nnnnn-2 are the scale-wheeled versions that have fixed pilots, don't include couplers, and have scale wheels. The MTH Premier Dash 9 (and it's AC4400W twin sibling) are nicely done.

I buy my MTH diesels with scale wheels and run them at the club. We've had some track shifting over the years due to radial swings in temperature/humidity hitting our benchwork and most of my six-axle diesels have issues with some spots on the layout. I'm a cheapskate and haven't put the hi-rail wheels on any of the locomotives, but I may bite the bullet and convert some of the six-axle units for use at the club. The four-axle diesels work fine. Of course, we're planning to change out some of the older track down the road.

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On a sidenote.... im oldschool, im viewing the Paper catalog phyically... actually in hand..  there are no 2 rail locos in these...  thanks for the info, i figured of they came as shown id just have to get one, theres so much to choose from in our hobby it's nice to have a reason to buy another one. .

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