MTH for sale at upcoming York Show- Show pick-up available for advance sale ** Final Update 10-12-17 **

Thank you to all who've made deals.  My listing is updated with pricing changes, deleted items that have sold and a new item added.  If you're not attending the show, I can add shipping and send to CONUS destination.

I'll be attending the upcoming York Show, in the White Hall at tables F18 & F19.  I'll  have the following items available and if you might have interest in anything before-hand, perhaps we can work a deal here and then arrange payment and pickup at the show.  I may not bring some of these items for display offering at the show, due to space limitations, so if you have interest, don't assume I'll have them at the show.  If you have interest and want to see them directly before making a decision, that's fine and I'll make sure to bring the item.

Thanks for looking and considering my offers.  Any questions, please email me at:  OGColl at

MTH Premier EMD Demo Scheme SD-24's.  3-unit set, with two powered units (cab's #5581 & 5582) and the very scarce non-powered (cab #5580).  All engines are in new condition and tested only.  They've only been on display.  All powered units have DCS/Proto2 (5v) and have the following DCS info:  0.01 odometer, 00:03 chronometer (cab #5581) and 0.1 odometer, 00:07 chronometer (cab #5582).  Sharp looking, tough to find.  Asking $650. for all three pieces.


MTH RailKing Scale C&O SW-9 (#30-2168-1).  Great running engine with conventional operation and Protosounds.  Needs a BCR or new battery installed.  Tested with BCR for operational test.  Runs great, sounds great.  Used heavily through the years, but in overall excellent condition.  BCR has been added and the engine runs and sounds great.  Asking $100.

C&O SW-9-30-2168-1

RailKing Scale Southern Pacific GP-9 (#30-2811-1) with DCS/Proto2 (3v).  DCS info:  69.0 odometer/ 06:20 chronometer.  Nice engine, runs well.  Overall Exc/LN condition.  Packaging in nice shape.  Asking $165.


 RailKing Scale PRR 0-6-0 Switcher (#30-1170-1).  Great runner and nice condition.  Great little loco.  Asking $145.


MTH RailKing Chicago & North Western RS-27 power & powered/dummy** pair (#30-2252-1 and -3) with DCS/Proto2 (5v). Like new condition.  This pair has both cab numbers offered, however the "dummy" engine (cab #903), I discovered when unpacking came with full power and DCS/Proto2 electronics.   DCS info for Cab #900 (Odom = 54.1, Chron. = 4:49), DCS info for Cab #903 (Odom = 106.3, Chron. = 12:48).   Asking $375. for the pair.


MTH RailKing Louisville & Nashville GP-9 dummy (#30-2892-3).  New condition, displayed only.  Very hard to  find.   Asking $OLD.


MTH RailKing Illinois Central GP-9 dummy (#30-2428-3).  New condition, displayed only.  Very hard to find.  Asking $130.

MTH RailKing Rock Island RS-3 (#30-2202-1) with DCS/Proto-2 (5v).  Run extensively, in Excellent condition.  Asking $135.

FamilyPics1 1450

 MTH Premier Milwaukee Road F-3 A-B-A (#20-2618-1) with DCS/Proto2 (3v).  Excellent condition.  Asking $375.

FamilyPics1 1428

I have the following MTH Premier Proto-1 (conventional operation) F-3 sets:

New Jersey Central F-3 A-A set (#20-2053-1).  Beautiful set and very rare.  New condition, only on display through the years.  BCR installed and operational test run.  Asking $300.


MTH Premier Santa Fe (freight) F-3 A-B-A (#20-2219-1).  Nice set, has been run extensively but in overall Excellent condition.  BCR installed and tested and runs well.  Packaging is good and complete.  Asking $200.

Premier-Burlington and Santa Fe F-units

Premier-F-3-Sets-Burlington and SF

MTH Premier Burlington F-3 A-B-A (#20-2085-1 and 20-2093-3).  Beautiful, rare set, in New condition.  Only on display through the years.  Has a BCR installed and tested and runs great.  Packaging is good and complete.  Asking $350.

MTH Premier EMD Demo Scheme F-3 A-B-A (#20-2090-1 and 20-2098-3).  Beautiful, rare set, in New condition and has only been on display through the years.  BCR installed and test.  Runs great.  Packaging is good and complete.  Asking $375.

Premier-EMD Demo-F3-ABA

MTH Premier Western Maryland F-3 A-B-A (#20-2083-1 and 20-2091-3).  Beautiful, rare set, in New condition.  Has been tested with a BCR installed and runs great.  Packaging is good and complete.  Asking $325. 


MTH Premier NYC F-3 A-B-B-A consist.  Includes F-3 A-B-A (#20-2176-1) and add-on dummy B unit (#20-2176-3).  Has been run extensively, but runs very well and has a BCR installed.  Consist also includes NYC Gold boxcar (#20-93037) in excellent condition and a Premier NYC caboose (#20-90017F).  Sold as a complete consist of 6-pieces.  Asking $325. for entire consist.NYC-F3-Proto1-Set

 MTH RailKing Lackawanna 0-8-0 (#30-1254-1).  Tough to find engine.  In overall LN condition.  Runs great.  Asking $265.


MTH RailKing Budweiser Beer Train set (#30-4124-1) and add-on cars (#30-78015, #30-7884 and #30-7885).  This set is from the Anheiser-Busch Budshop and differs from the set that MTH offered to dealer (#30-4155-1) with different color patterns on the tanker and caboose.  Set also includes the add-on cars that were only offered for sale through the Budshop Online Store.  Nice set, with DCS/Proto2.  Runs well and looks great.  Set in LN condition, with set packaging badly dilapidated.  Add-on cars are all in New condition.   Asking $325.  for set and add-on cars.


I have the following MTH Premier & RailKing passenger sets for sale.  These have been in my personal collection since buying them new.  They have been on display shelves for many years, but are fully functional, except where noted, and in excellent or better condition, with notes on each set given in the individual listing below.

MTH Premier Union Pacific 70' smooth sided passenger consist.  Total consist of 11-cars that different, but matching.  Includes the 5-car set (#20-6553), 2-car add-on (#20-6653), 2-car add-on (#20-6638, add-on full length dome car (#20-6738) and add-on full length dome car (#20-6753).  Overall, cars are in Exc-LN condition and have been run extensively on my layout through the years.  Beautiful, long train set.  Packaging is complete, but dilapidated.  Asking $OLD.

UP Add-on FullDomes-20-6753 and 20-6738UP-2carSet-20-6638UP-2carSet-20-6653UP-5carSet-20-6553

MTH Premier DAP Package, New Haven F-3 A-B-A (#20-80003-B) and 8-car consist (#20-80003C (5-car set), #20-80005B (2-car add-on set) and #20-80005C (Add-on full dome car)) passenger set.  The engine features DCS/Proto-2 (5v system), with 554.3 odometer and 12:17 chronometer readings, in LN condition and runs/sounds great.  The 8-car passenger set features the 5-car set, two car add-on set and a full dome car.  The cars have been run very lightly, but are like new condition.  All packaging complete and in excellent shape, the 5-car set outer box is worn most.  Additional photos can be provided.  This is a great looking set. Asking $475. for the entire consist.


MTH RailKing Southern Pacific Daylight GS-4 passenger set.  Set consists of:  RailKing SP GS-4 (#30-1119-1), add-on water tender (#30-1126) and 8-car passenger consist, featuring 4-car set (#30-6735), 2-car add-on set (#30-6725), add-on full length dome car (#30-6726) and (2) add-on coach cars (#30-6727).

The engine has a bad board set (conventional/Protosounds),needs to be replaced/repaired/upgraded and is non-functional.  It's a perfect candidate for upgrading to DCS/Proto2 for the skilled technician.  It was well  used during its operating life and is in overall excellent condition.  The add-on water tender and all of the passenger cars are new and never run.  All packaging is complete and in excellent shape.  This is a beautiful set. Asking $300. 


Thanks for looking and considering my offers.  I will probably update this again with other items as I prepare them for the show.

If you have questions, please email me at:  OGColl at


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