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I recently bought some Air hoses from MTH for my ES44ACe engines.  I ordered some because i was experimenting on them to make them more look realistic and in the process ruined most of them.  I was able to order them from MTH not knowing that they already have new or upgraded ones.  Also, i tossed the old ones since the replacements are coming.  So they came and i installed them.  They were $3.00 each and they have a minimum of $10.00 order plus shipping of a whopping $9. plus change.   They really look good until you put on the cow catcher.  The hoses are too long that it bends when you install the catcher.  Their response was they changed it to make it more prototypical.   They told me that I can do it like the one in the picture that they sent me below.

They told me to insert the hoses thru the catcher.....REALLY???  I mean look at that.

Lionel is the one with hoses sticking out.  

And the bad thing is, i chucked the old hoses since i was getting new ones and now they said...IF YOU WANT CREDIT, JUST MAIL THE HOSES BACK TO US.....oh my.   I ordered before from ATLAS and when the same thing happened they just gave me my money back no questions asked.  


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